Our employee experience

As the champion for the credit union movement, CUNA's culture and mission reflects the "people helping people" philosophy that lies at the heart of our movement. That ethos flows through our core values, mission, and culture making us a uniquely inspiring place to work. Here's what our employees say about working at CUNA.

Photo of Lisha Roubert

Lisha Roubert

Manager of Research Services
Policy Analysis
5 years of service

"I am proud to be part of an organization that embraces the 'people helping people' philosophy. In addition, I like that my work changes frequently and that I have a great team."

Photo of Richard Dines

Richard Dines

Engagement Consultant
Strategic Credit Union Relations
10 years of service

"I love making a difference in helping to ensure that the genius of cooperative business enterprise works more effectively for members and grows to serve more and more people."

Photo of Kurt Quickel

Kurt Quickel

Project Coordinator
Policy Analysis
20 years of service

"Flexibility, and being able to balance home life with work is important to me, also I have the freedom to do my job without being micro-managed, and I know what is expected of me in my current role."

Photo of Brenda Halverson

Brenda Halverson

Alliance Manager
CUNA Strategic Services
15 years of service

"The credit union movement's philosophy of people helping people aligns with my faith. It's rewarding to be a part of an organization that works to keep that philosophy alive and the movement flourishing."

Photo of Jeremiah Tucker

Jeremiah Tucker

Leadership and Internal Communications
Human Resources
6 years of service

"CUNA really cares about their employees. When I needed to be home with my young son for a few months, my supervisor and I used our remote work policy to arrange a schedule so I could be home when I needed to be. It was beneficial for both me and CUNA, and I was incredibly grateful."

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