Credit unions improve financial well-being

Our mission is simple.

We serve our member-owners with a cooperative not-for-profit model that prioritizes the needs of individuals.

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The credit union difference
Resilient in tough times

As our economy struggles to recover, millions of consumers rely on their credit union to put members' financial well-being ahead of the bottom line. In good times and bad, credit unions are here to help our neighbors build and maintain a brighter financial future.

Assisting during the pandemic

Serving as financial first responders

Rebuilding Main Street

Credit unions facilitated $9.7 Billion in PP loans last year

Advancing communities
Serving those who need us most

Credit unions are committed to supporting communities most vulnerable to economic hardships and those that have been traditionally underserved by other financial institutions. We are also working tirelessly to invest in the small businesses that line our Main Streets.

Advancing our communities

Uplifting the underserved

Securing data for financial safety

Even before the pandemic, 2 in 5 people in America would have had trouble with a $400 emergency

Allow credit unions to serve
Modernizing governance leads to change

Our not-for-profit mission and cooperative structure separates credit unions from other financial institutions. Applying the same, one-size-fits-all regulation to our model only limits who we can serve.

Modernizing the Federal Credit Union Act

Protecting consumers since 1980

Meeting our moment through the NCUA

Partnering in the journey to homeownership

More than 1/2 of credit union-originated home loans go to borrowers earning middle incomes or less.

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