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America’s small businesses are the engine of growth of our nation’s economy.  The effects of the financial crisis of the past few years have spread to all types of lending, resulting in a reduction in the availability of business credit.

At a time when banks are withdrawing credit from America’s small businesses, credit unions have actually been expanding credit to small businesses, but with more credit unions approaching the cap, this growth is threatened.  It makes economic sense to restore credit unions’ full ability to lend to their business-owning members. 

Congress should enact legislation which increases the credit union member business lending cap from 12.25% of assets to 27.5% for well-capitalized credit unions and adds significant safeguards to ensure that qualifying credit unions do this additional lending safely and soundly.  This approach has been endorsed by the Obama administration. 

Grassroots Action Needed:

Please contact your Representative through the Grassroots Action Center and urge them to support H.R. 688, the Credit Union Small Business Jobs Creation.


Congressional Visit Briefing Materials

  1. Member Business Lending Talking Points
  2. Responding to ABA/ICBA Claims on Effect of S.2231/HR 1418
  3. State-by-State Numbers
  4. MBL Chart - Limitations on Credit Union Member Business Lending Compared to the Commercial Loan Powers of National Banks - April 2012
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  6. MBL Objection Response - Full Analysis
  7. Straight to the Point: Member Business Lending
  8. Member Business Lending and Employment by State
  9. Department of Treasury Study on Credit Union Business Lending (January 2001)

MBL Materials for Credit Unions and Members

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  10. Open for Business Handout
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Coalition Support

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  3. Why Cap Growth?
  4. After Blocking Small Business Jobs Bill, Congress Must Do Something to Help Entrepreneurs
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Image Files for MBL Ads

  1. Download files for MBL Ads (member-only)
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