Hike the Hill

Hike the Hill is a grassroots program sponsored by CUNA and the state leagues to provide credit unions with the opportunity to visit Washington to educate decision makers on credit union issues.

When credit unions participate in Hike the Hill, they demonstrate that credit union support has a real face, real concerns, and real stories of how credit unions affect the lives of working Americans.

If you are interested in participating in Hike the Hill, please contact your state league for more information. (League staff can click here for the online Hike the Hill Registration System.)

2017 Hike the Hill Calendar

Capitol Hill Visits

  • Federal Legislative Briefing Paper
  • Additional Materials
  • Online Hike the Hill Tool for League Staff
  • Capitol Hill Map


Reception Planning

  • Congressional Event/Gift Rules for Leagues That Employ or Retain Lobbyists
  • Congressional Event/Gift Rules for Leagues That Do Not Employ or Retain Lobbyists
  • Credit Union House Event Information
  • Credit Union House Website

Travel Information

  • Restaurant List
  • Hike the Hill Hotel Guide
  • Things to Do
  • NCUA Hotel Tax-Exempt Letter

If you have any questions regarding Hike the Hill, please contact Kristen Prather.