Certified Credit Union Internal Auditor (CCUIA) Designation

Stand out with the CCUIA designation

This designation signifies an expert understanding of credit union internal auditing. The designation's comprehensive training dives deep into the complexities of internal audit. To get the most from this four-day content heavy program we suggest attendees have a basic knowledge of auditing fundamentals and/or a minimum of two years' internal audit experience.

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How to earn the CCUIA designation

To earn the Certified Credit Union Internal Auditor (CCUIA) designation attend CUNA & ACUIA Internal Audit Certification School and complete the exam onsite.


Professionals with the Certified Credit Union Internal Auditor (CCUIA) designation need to recertify every 3 years.

Recertification is accomplished by attending any two of the following events within the 3 year period after initial certification.

Once you have completed two of these events, please submit this Recertification Form to self-report and have your record updated as showing complete.

Watch the ACUIA and CUNA websites for 2020 dates.