Congressional and Regulator Meeting Materials

General Documents:

Advocacy Briefing Document This is our briefing packet, which includes all of the "Advocacy Issue One-Pagers" listed individually below. These are short documents that can be used as leave-behinds in congressional offices. 

Top Advocacy Issues This is a continually updated document that includes detailed descriptions of all legislative and regulatory issues that CUNA's Advocacy Team is working on. 

Congressional Meeting Outline This document provides talking points for first meetings with new Members of Congress.

Federal Agency Meeting Etiquette This document provides some guidelines to prepare for meetings with federal agency staff. 

Credit Union Checklist  The check list includes actions and legislation which Members of Congress can take on our key issues to support credit unions.

90 Second Talking Points The 90 Second Talking Points contains the major message points on each of the issues on one page (when printed on two-sides).  This document is designed to be a good cheat sheet for each of our issues. 

Basic Info on Credit Unions This document is high level overview of the credit union system. It is designed to be left-behind in a congressional office. 

Capitol Hill Do’s & Dont's  This document is a list of reminders about how to conduct and what to expect during congressional office visits.  A lot of the information in this document is common sense, but it is also a good reminder for everyone before going to the Hill.  

State Fact Sheets These one pagers detail the advantages credit unions provide to member and nonmembers in each state and are meant to be a leave behind to illustrate to Members of Congress the positive effect that credit unions have in their state.

Advocacy Issue One-Pagers:

Field of Membership

Regulatory Burden

Merchant Data Breach

Credit Union Tax Status

Debt Collection

Examination Frequency and Fairness

FHLB Membership Parity  

Repealing the Durbin Amendment

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

Member Business Lending

Mortgage Lending

NCUA Budget

Overdraft Protection

Overtime Regulation

Payday Lending

Supplemental Capital

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Right Promo-AdvocacyRight Promo- Membership