Desjardins Financial Education Award for State Government Policymakers Guidelines

State Government Affairs

Desjardins Financial Education Award for State Government Policymakers Guidelines

State Level Award

Credit union leagues are welcome to use the Desjardins Award logo to develop plaques or awards to present to state policymakers who have promoted the importance of financial education. A state credit union league may present this Award to as many state policymakers as the league determines is appropriate in a single year.

The credit union league may present the awards at any function that the league determines appropriate, such as at an annual meeting, a state government affairs meeting, or, if possible, on the floor of the state legislature.

National Award

Only one national Desjardins Award for State Government Policymakers will be presented by CUNA each year. State credit union leagues are encouraged to nominate state policymakers that meet the national award criteria. This criteria is based on the type of policy the policymaker is promoting as well as the level of commitment the policymaker has shown toward this important issue. If a credit union league is planning to enter its state award recipient (s) into the national competition, it should review the national criteria and develop similar guidelines for its state award.

The National Criteria are as follows:

PART I – Policy Effort

• Policy requiring all students to receive financial education in schools.
• Policy requiring teachers to take financial literacy courses in order to qualify for accreditation.
• Policy requiring all schools to offer financial literacy classes.
• Policy establishing a pilot program, task force or study to address financial education.
• Policy requiring the state or local government to develop or provide financial education materials to the schools and community centers.
• Policy promoting the importance of financial literacy.

PART II – Examples of State Policymakers’ Commitment to Financial Education
You may include examples describing one or all of the criteria listed below.

• Media articles
• Floor statements
• How far the policy advanced in the legislative or rulemaking process
• Community outreach addressing financial education
• Examples of leadership to promote financial education
• Description of policymaker’s efforts to pass the financial literacy legislation
• Description of policymaker’s on-going efforts to promote financial education.
• Work with local school administrations/regulators/community leaders to promote financial literacy.

If a state policymaker does not win the national competition one year, the league is not prohibited from entering that same recipient another year within a 3-year window.

Nominations for the state government policymaker national award must be sent to CUNA’s State Government Affairs Department by December 31.

Please direct questions about the Desjardins Financial Education Award for State Government Policymakers to Shelton Roulhac at

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