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NCUA's Proposed Rule on Leasing (Part 714)
(December 14, 1999)

Strategic Plan for the NCUA for the years 2000-2005
(December 3, 1999)

Payment on Overdrawn Share Drafts
(November 29, 1999)

12 C.F.R. Part 704, Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
(November 29, 1999)

Revised Suspcious Activity Report Forms
(November 29, 1999)

Proposed Rule Regarding Secondary Capital Accounts
(September 27, 1999)

NCUA's Proposed Rule on Prompt Corrective Action
(August 31, 1999)

Real Estate Brokerage Permissibility
(August 19, 1999)

Central Liquidity Facility
(August 17, 1999)

NCUA's Proposed Changes to the NCUSIF Required by the CUMAA
(July 26, 1999)

NCUA's Interim Final Rule Regarding the Share Insurance Regulations
(July 15, 1999)

Letter to Credit Unions (99-CU-06) - Proposed Revisions to Call Report (Form 5300)
(June 29, 1999)

Proposed Changes to Federal Credit Union Bylaws
(April 5, 1999)

NCUA's Interim Final Rule on Truth-in-Savings, 12 CFR 707
(March 29, 1999)

NCUA Proposed Regulations Regarding Auditing and Accounting Requirements
(March 8, 1999)

Proposed Rule Regarding Surety Bond Coverage
(March 5, 1999)

Proposed Rule Regarding Safe Deposit Box Service (12 C.F.R. § 701.30)
(March 5, 1999)

Proposed Changes to NCUA's CUSO Regulation
(March 1, 1999)

Interim Final Rule Regarding Conversions of Insured CUs to Mutual Savings Banks (Part 708a)
(February 25, 1999)

Troubled or Newly Chartered Credit Unions
(February 3, 1999)

Member Business Loans
(January 29,1999)

Prompt Corrective Action.
(January 27, 1999)

Leasing Regulation (New 714).
(January 27, 1999)

Statutory Lien regulation.
(January 27, 1999)

Charitable Contribution Proposal.
(January 27, 1999)

Management Interlock proposal.
(January 27, 1999)


Proposed Amendments to Regulations B, E, M, Z, DD Regarding Electronic Delivery of Disclosures
(November 12, 1999)

Docket No. R-1008, Proposed Amendments to Regulation B Regarding Collection of Data From Borrowers
(November 10, 1999)

Docket No. R-1034, Proposed Rule Regarding the Amendment of Subpart C of Regulation CC
(August 27, 1999)

Docket No. R-1037, Proposal to Modify Federal Reserve ACH Operations and Pricing Practices Relative to Private-Sector ACH Operators
(August 6, 1999)

Docket No. R-1038, Proposed Y2K Special Liquidity Facility
(July 2, 1999)

Docket No. R-1034, Proposed Rule Regarding the Amendment of Subpart C of Regulation CC
(April 30, 1999)

Docket No. R-1032, Notice Regarding Settlement-day Finality for Automated Clearing House Credit Transactions
(March 19, 1999)

Docket No. R-1031, Advance Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking On Reduced Hold Periods For Nonlocal Checks Under Regulation CC
(March 15, 1999)


Proposed Interim Rule for Accounts Receivable Truncated Check Debit Entries
(August 31, 1999)

Proposed Guidelines for the Point of Sale (POS) Merchant-as-Keeper Pilot sponsored by NACHA
(July 26, 1999)


Internal Revenue Service Pilot of an Electronic Transcript Delivery System
(October 13, 1999)

Proposed Rule - Withdrawal of Federal Tax Lien Notice
(September 28, 1999)


Proposed Rule on the Payment of Federal Taxes and the Treasury Tax and Loan Program
(September 28, 1999)

Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding Possible Regulation of Access to Accounts Through Payment Service Providers
(April 8, 1999)

Electronic Transfer Accounts.
(January 7, 1999)


Docket No. 99-05, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Community Bank-Focused Regulation Review
(July 23, 1999)


Federal Family Education Loan Program and William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program
(September 15, 1999)

Proposed Rule - Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program
(September 15, 1999)


Proposed Changes to 32 CFR Parts 230 and 231 (Financial Institutions on DoD Installations)
(October 25, 1999)

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