Supervisory Review Committee and Procedures for Appealing Material Supervisory Determinations

The NCUA approved a proposed rule to amend procedures for appealing material supervisory determinations to the NCUA Supervisory Review Committee (SRC).  The rule expands the number of supervisory determinations appealable to the SRC and provides credit unions with the opportunity for additional review by the Director of the Office of Examinations and Insurance.  It further changes the nature and composition of the SRC.   

The rule expands the term “material supervisory determination:” to include supervisory determinations that may affect the capital, earnings, operating flexibility, or that may otherwise affect the nature and level of supervisory oversight of a federally insured credit unions.  Certain exceptions are excluded where other appeals procedures exist. 

Examples of material supervisory determinations include, but are not limited to the following: 

  1. Determinations related to the adequacy of loan loss reserve provisions; 

  1. Classification of loan and other assets that are significant to a FICU; 

  1. Determinations related to restitution orders under the Truth in Lending Act; and 

  1. CAMEL ratings (but only if they affect the nature and level of supervisory oversight of an FICU. 


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CUNA Comment Letter 08/07/2017
Agency/Entity National Credit Union Administration
Agency Comment Deadline 08/07/2017
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