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Celebration Ideas


International Credit Union Day

Celebration Ideas

Plan a Festive Week in Your Credit Union

  • Hold an open house at your credit union and branch offices. Conduct tours and serve refreshments. It's a great opportunity to build relationships with members and discuss your products and services.
  • Invite your elected officials to a "Meet the Members" day.
  • Get the word out about the worldwide credit union movement by displaying posters and offering international foods.
  • Hold a "guest day" at your credit union where members can bring guests for refreshments and learn more about your credit union.
  • Let members "meet their credit union" by displaying your employees' photos and biographies.

Please tell us how you plan to celebrate International Credit Union Day.

Product and Service Promotions

  • Offer loans or new share draft accounts for the same fees that your credit union charged the year it opened.
  • Work cooperatively with other local credit unions to purchase outdoor billboard advertising space. Radio and television advertising can be very affordable when a group of credit unions contribute toward the cost.

Focus on Education

  • Offer your credit union as an elementary school field trip destination. Give teachers an opportunity to build real-world experience into their students' math lessons.
  • Offer a series of lectures on basic finance in the evenings or over the lunch hour. Topics can include managing a checking account, building a good credit rating, shopping for a mortgage, handling credit cards, and saving for college.
  • Distribute financial self-help information in your lobby and at the drive-up windows. Don't forget to insert statement stuffers and articles in your monthly newsletter.
  • Set up a booth at a local mall, community center, or special event. Offer consumer information such as Home & Family Finance Resource Center or personal finance handbooks. Hand out brochures that emphasize the credit union difference.
  • Plan free member education seminars for members of all ages.

Focus on Your Credit Union Difference

  • Organize a fun event to teach your staff and members about credit union history and philosophy. Set up booths featuring information on philosophy and operations. Punch a ticket at each booth and award International Credit Union Day t-shirts to those who fill their ticket.
  • Coordinate efforts at the chapter level to produce a historical view of your credit unions in the area. This could be a traveling poster display or a slide presentation to be shown throughout the year.
  • Sponsor an essay or art contest for young members or your entire membership. A short essay (100 words or less) about why your credit union is special would be appropriate. Publish the winning entries in your newsletter.
  • Reward employees for exceptional service to members. Recognize members for exceptional service to the community.
  • Deliver good news (and good food) to the media. Chapter volunteers of the Wisconsin Credit Union League delivered cakes decorated with the words "Happy International Credit Union Day " to the local media. Many volunteers received free airtime to talk about International Credit Union Day.
  • Organize an event with your legislators.

Community Projects

  • Take part in a summer "Paint-A-Thon" to help older members-or anyone else in your community who is physically unable to paint their own home. Take plenty of pictures of your team, and publicize your activities during International Credit Union Week.
  • Plant a tree in a nearby park or on your credit union grounds. Coordinate a local beautification program. Sponsor a community clean-up effort or other charitable event.
  • Sponsor a safe Halloween program for local children.
  • Hold a bike safety clinic for young people and donate helmets to needy children.
  • Adopt a social service agency for the day or week and recruit staff and members to help out with tasks like serving meals, painting, filing, and cleanup.
  • Hold a fundraising event for "Credit Unions for Kids" or another charity.
  • Collect business clothes to donate to a local organization that helps people get back into the workplace.
  • Join forces with other credit unions in your area to sponsor a team for a walk or run for a good cause. Provide members of your team with t-shirts to identify them as credit union staff and members.
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