CUNA Anytime Adviser

Anytime is the right time for great financial advice

Help members become more knowledgeable decision-makers using these seven online interactive coaches, available at their convenience.

CUNA Anytime Adviser® is a customizable, interactive Microsite designed to educate your members through games, quizzes, calculators and simulations, providing expert advice each step of the way. Each coach is available in English and Spanish.

All seven coaches available only through Anytime Adviser subscription. View marketing tips for Anytime Adviser.


$995 annually for credit unions with greater than $50 million in assets

$796 for credit unions with less than $50 million in assets

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Also Available

CUNA offers a variety of microsites to help you reach, advise and connect with each of your core target audiences. Boost your member engagement with these options: 

CUNA Calculators - Embed easy-to-use planning calculators.

CUNA Guides to Money - Engage teens about using credit unions for their finances.

CUNA Financial Resource Center - Answer the necessary financial questions for your members


About Microsites

CUNA's financial education microsites are filled with embeddable and customizable content that help you drive member traffic to relevant parts of your credit union's website.

Each microsite's content is written and produced by experts in personal finance education. Content is updated frequently and addresses timely topics for your members, including information about auto loans, credit, retirement, housing, small business, saving and investing and more.

CUNA's staff is available to answer your questions about initial set-up and optimizing your microsite presentation to generate as much traffic as possible.


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