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Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee satisfaction, loyalty and engagement has the potential to dramatically effect the motivation and behavior of individuals and work groups. How employees perceive themselves being treated significantly affects their confidence, flexibility, and enthusiasm, thereby affecting their productivity and performance.

With the Custom Research Employee Engagement Survey you will gain an in-depth look at employee satisfaction with a focus on loyalty and engagement to the credit union. You can use this information for setting benchmarks to improve employee engagement and enhancing your communications with employees.

The analysis of the employee engagement survey examines twenty-one facets. From questions about these facets, an overall engagement score is computed, as well as average scores for individual questions.

CUNA will work with you to administer an accurate, cost-effective, comprehensive survey that meets your needs. Open-end questions allow you to explore special areas of concern. And the report includes conclusions and recommendations prepared by a human resource professional with extensive credit union experience.

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