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Select Employee Group (SEG) Satisfaction Surveys

Custom Research offer SEG Satisfaction Surveys, which have become an essential part of credit unions' efforts to build stronger relationships with their SEG liaisons, enhance membership growth, and increase the credit union's product penetration.


  • Find out how much value your SEG liaisons place on their relationship with your credit union
  • Discover if they understand the benefits you provide and if they are promoting your services
  • Examine how you can improve the relationship and attract more of their employees

Superior Research Procedures. We send multiple mailings because we know that members who have strong financial ties elsewhere need more prompting to respond. It is important to hear from these members. We typically record response rates of 30% to 35% - considerably higher than our competitors obtain, especially those that do just one mailing.

We also "weight" your data because we've found that some groups are more likely than others to respond to surveys, and unless we take special steps (i.e., weighting) these members could "carry" the results in misleading directions. These two procedures add reliability to your results.

With Custom Research, you'll get friendly, professional, and responsive service from staff who are experts in both survey research and credit union issues.

And your report will be concise, user-friendly, and always delivered on time.


Each survey option is quoted on the scope, depth, and level of recommendations your credit union desires. Through personalized, one-on-one service, we'll help you identify the survey option that fits your needs and your budget.


  • Custom Research delivers benchmarking and now, target-marketing capabilities.
  • CUNA will identify the best target markets for promoting your specific services. Using this information and your MCIF, your credit union can realize tremendous cost savings, improved marketing efficiency, increased service usage and an improved "bottom line."
  • Benchmarking to our national database of credit unions.
  • Demographic profiles of service users.
  • At your discretion, you can append our target-marketing information to your MCIF.

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