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Snapshot Surveys

CUNA introduces this low-cost, one-page, legal-sized member survey designed to help you gain valuable member feedback to guide your marketing and strategic planning efforts. This survey is ideal for credit unions with assets between $10 and $50 million.


  • Product market shares
  • Your credit union's institutional, staff, and loan-service image
  • Reasons why your members turn to competitors for loans and who they choose as their primary financial institution
  • Member loyalty to the credit union
  • Benchmarking information

Your final report, delivered in PowerPoint format, is comprised of graphs for each topic and a bulleted list of strategic considerations emerging from the survey.

Superior Research Procedures. We send multiple mailings because we know that members who have strong financial ties elsewhere need more prompting to respond. It is important to hear from these members. We typically record response rates of about 25% to 30% - considerably higher than our competitors obtain, especially those that do just one mailing.

We also "weight" your data because we've found that some groups are more likely than others to respond to surveys, and unless we take special steps (i.e., weighting) these members could "carry" the results in misleading directions. These two procedures add reliability to your results.

With CUNA, you'll get friendly, professional, and responsive service from staff who are experts in both survey research and credit union issues.

And your report will be concise, user-friendly, and always delivered on time.

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