CUNA Financial and Statistical Trends

Take advantage of a free financial resource

CUNA Financial and Statistical Trends is a monthly report on the financial health of the credit union industry. Credit unions nationwide contribute their financial data, allowing us to identify trends and extrapolate our financial future. Providing your credit union’s financial data will also enable us to offer informed answers to inquiries from media and legislators and create member resources.

By participating in CUNA Financial and Statistical Trends, your credit union will enjoy free access to an easy-to-read peer report, which includes:

  • One-page executive summary
  • Peer group report on credit unions in your asset range
  • Statistical tracking of your credit union’s finances including savings & loans information

Note: All information about individual credit unions is kept strictly confidential to ensure the privacy of our participants.

What is required of the credit union?

The first month credit unions must submit some financial data for the previous 2 months (a brief one page summary) and the current months data. We provide the forms or a spreadsheet for you to use.

How do I join?