CUNA Economic Update


CUNA Economic Update videos provide 15-minute monthly overviews of the economy and its impact on credit unions.  

This month's video focuses on how credit unions are reaching and serving diverse members across the nation.                                                                  


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December 2018: Third Quarter 2018 NCUA Call Report DataPresentation)

November 2018:   The Rising Concerns of Student Loan Debt ( Presentation)

October 2018:  Auto Tariff Developments and Estimates on How They Might Affect Credit Union Lending ( Presentation)

September 2018: Mid-year 2018 NCUA Call Report Data ( Presentation)

August 2018: Executive Compensation in Credit Unions ( Presentation)

July 2018:  The Robust Economic Environment and its Continuing Expansion ( Presentation)

June 2018: Overview of the Economic Landscape and Outlook for the Future ( Presentation)

May 2018: Developments in the Labor Market and its implications for Credit Unions ( Presentation)

April 2018: Overviews of the Economy and its Impact on Credit Unions ( Presentation)

March 2018: Analysis of Key Economic Indicators and Outlook for the Future ( Presentation)

February 2018: The Outlook for Credit Union Business Lending ( Presentation)

January 2018: How Stimulative Fiscal Policy Is Competing with Modestly Restrictive Monetary Policy ( Presentation)

December 2017: How Much Growth We Can Expect with Proposed Tax Reforms  ( Presentation)

November 2017: Faster Credit Union Growth and Higher Earnings ( Presentation