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CUNA Economic Update


CUNA Economic Update videos provide 15-minute monthly overviews of the economy and its impact on credit unions.  

This month's video focuses on the economic forecast for 2017. 


November 2016: Election outcome and how it will affect the economy

October 2016: How long healthy loan growth can continue ( Presentation)

September 2016: How today's economic developments affect credit unions ( Presentation)

August 2016: CUNA Economics & Investments Conference Recap ( Presentation)

July 2016: Strong credit union performance despite Brexit ( Presentation)

June 2016: Credit unions continue to thrive despite the national trend ( Presentation)

May 2016: Rising incomes and housing market contribute to economy pick up ( Presentation)

April 2016: A moderate outlook for 2016 and an initial 2017 forecast ( Presentation)

March 2016: Signs pointing to a strong year for growth ( Presentation)

February 2016: Examining national stagnation & credit union growth ( Presentation)

January 2016: Is 80 the new 100? ( Presentation)

December 2015: The Continually Improving Labor Market ( Presentation)

November 2015: U.S. Economic and Credit Union Membership Growth ( Presentation)

October 2015: CUNA's Position on the Future of Interest Rates ( Presentation)

September 2015: NCUA's Q2 Report and CUNA's U.S. Credit Union Profile ( Presentation)

August 2015: Credit Union Trends & Short-Term Interest Rates ( Presentation)

July 2015: Adjustments to CUNA's Economic Forecast ( Presentation)

June 2015: Federal Reserve & Short-Term Interest Rates ( Presentation)

May 2015: Current Economic Conditions ( Presentation)

April 2015: Slowing Economy & Interest Rates ( Presentation)


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