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CUNA Employee Engagement Survey
Your staff’s engagement with their work has an impact on their performance. Employees who are personally invested in their employer’s success are more motivated to:

  • Collaborate on ideas to improve procedures and outcomes
  • Consider and try innovative new solutions
  • Increase productivity

A CUNA Employee Engagement Survey measures your staff’s level of engagement with their roles and your credit union’s goals. A powerful research tool with strategic value, the survey illuminates the general morale and culture of your workplace and analyzes staff responses to identify effective, attainable approaches to boosting engagement organization-wide.

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CUNA Member Survey
Our team of experts has a proven track record of collecting and analyzing data and sharing results in a meaningful way that helps you determine what your next strategic moves should be. Target key opportunities and set your credit union up for higher member loyalty, improved marketing efficiency, increased service usage and an improved "bottom line" with data analysis from a trusted source.

Harness the power of custom research to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Since 2011, CUNA has conducted market research with credit unions:

  • From a wide range of asset sizes - from as small as $25M to over $30B in assets
  • Impacting over 7.1 million credit union members

"We use CUNA for our member surveys because they understand the industry and what it means to be a credit union member. We enjoy working with the CUNA Market Research team over and over again because they work with us to set specific timeline goals, keep in contact throughout the process and make sure our surveys are completed on time." - Aaron Gregerson, Marketing & Business Development Manager at General Mills Federal Credit Union

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