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Posted November 22, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Xers and boomers regret excessive debt and unnecessary expenditures.
Posted November 20, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Last year shoppers expected to spend $752, on average.   Shoppers are expecting to spend  on average $862 in 2018 for holiday gifts, says a Gallup post.  This figure is “sharply higher than their planned spending
Posted November 17, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Five percent of consumers age 65+ default on their student loans.
Posted November 15, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Artificial intelligence is impactful as millennials demand a natural language interface.
Posted November 13, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Twenty five percent of consumers resort to tapping retirement funds in financial emergencies.
Posted November 10, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Sixty three percent of gig workers freelance by choice.
Posted November 08, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Seventy four percent of consumers believe they need to ‘put more money away.’
Posted November 06, 2017 by CUNA Economics
“Retailers could see the best holiday sales in years,” says a recent Gallup post.
Posted November 03, 2017 by CUNA Economics
One third of retirees find themselves back on the job.
Posted November 01, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Only 41% of employees contribute to 401(k) plans their company offers.
Posted October 30, 2017 by CUNA Economics

Expect spending to grow across all categories this holiday.

Posted October 27, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Twenty seven percent of shoppers prefer to buy “experience gifts.”
Posted October 25, 2017 by CUNA Economics

Consumers view life insurance as an expense, not as a retirement investment.

Posted October 23, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Thirty seven percent of those under age 30 hold student loan debt.
Posted October 20, 2017 by CUNA Economics

Fifty-four percent of shoppers prefer to make mobile purchases.

Posted October 18, 2017 by CUNA Economics
About half of families take advantage of 529 college savings plans.
Posted October 16, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Sixty one percent of investors using an adviser “strongly agree” investment plans are on the right track.
Posted October 13, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Student loan repayment a popular benefit for younger workers.
Posted October 11, 2017 by CUNA Economics
As digital marketing gains prevalence, it is important for marketers to understand emerging trends in virtual channels.
Posted October 09, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Twenty five percent of employees work remotely to some degree.
Posted October 06, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Marital status impacts tax burden.
Posted October 04, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Fifty two percent of stressed workers offered a financial wellness program say it helped control spending.
Posted October 02, 2017 by CUNA Economics
For profit schools suffer the highest number of student loan defaults.
Posted September 29, 2017 by CUNA Economics
By 2027 59% of workers will be independent contractors.
Posted September 27, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Shoppers spent $91.76 billion in digital purchase transactions during the 2016 holiday season.
Posted September 18, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Deferring Social Security can add 6 8% per year delayed from ages 62 70 to lifetime benefits.
Posted September 15, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Eighty percent of Americans are satisfied with their standard of living.
Posted September 13, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Millennials stand to lose $3.46 million by the time they retire.
Posted September 11, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Benefit packages assist in recruitment and retention efforts.
Posted September 08, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Retirement benefits a priority for millennials.
Posted September 06, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Average student loan balance is $34,000.
Posted September 01, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Target salary for those seeking new jobs is $58,000.
Posted August 30, 2017 by CUNA Economics
In July, the median price of a home was $258,300.
Posted August 28, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Almost ten percent of consumers earning at least $100,000 say they can’t make ends meet.
Posted August 25, 2017 by CUNA Economics
Financial worries impact job performance and retirement saving.

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