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Financial Wellness Info Trending in Digital Retirement Arena
Posted March 20,2017 by CUNA Economics

Thirty-eight financial wellness issues identified by research firm.  

Corporate Insight, a financial research service firm, reports most participants in their Retirement Plan Monitor (RPM) group “recognize the importance of providing holistic financial wellness education,” according to an article at   In fact, 80% of the contribution plan providers Corporate Insights tracks provide adequate financial education “to warrant coverage in its report.”  

Corporate Insight’s study identified 38 financial wellness issues; 63% of firms tracked the information made available over at least at half of these topics.  

Providing financial wellness education is gaining traction in digital retirement services, “one of the past year’s most prominent trends” as 75% of RPM companies contributed such content to online sites while 40% began anew or made significant changes to preexisting wellness information.  

Percentages of survey participants offering various wellness topics made available are:  

  • 100%--Social Security/general investing suggestions;
  • 75%--Information on asset classes, debt management, estate plans, educational debt, and savings priorities;
  • 69%--making budgets;
  • 63%--expenses in health care;
  • 63%--life insurance;
  • 56%--taxes;
  • 50%--emotional investing;
  • 44%--long-term care;
  • 44%--identity theft;
  • 38%--women and investing; and
  • 31%--caring for elderly family members.  

About 56% of firms use at least a few narratives in educational outreach; some also provide interactive content in the form of worksheets, tests, lessons, games, and worksheets.  

These companies strive to provide easy access to digital financial wellness information; 75% centralize it, 58% make it available via menu tab, and 33% by a subtab or menu link.  

Content is typically organized by topic (92%), and 42% will permit users to filter information by topic.  

Twenty-five percent categorize financial wellness data by medium offered, and 17% arrange it by level of user’s acumen.



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