Copy & Art Express FAQs

How often do you add new content?

We add 10-15 new items every month to CUNA Copy & Art ExpressTM. During the first week of each month we email all subscribers a list of the new items we've added.


How does CUNA Copy & Art Express compare with other marketing content subscription services?

Everything in CUNA Copy & Art Express is specific to credit unions, with timely and pertinent topics added monthly. With your subscription, you have access to everything CUNA Copy & Art Express offers. With other content services, you may have to purchase articles or art individually at a much higher cost. And, no other content subscription service offers you access to a high-quality image library-Thinkstock! A subscription to CUNA Copy & Art Express will save you both time and money!


Can I edit the articles?

You're free to use any of the materials in CUNA Copy & Art Express however you'd like. You can edit articles for your newsletter, website or promotional materials, allowing you to tailor them to your credit union's needs.


Do I need to use the copyright notice on articles I use?

When you subscribe to CUNA Copy & Art Express, you'll see that our articles have a copyright notice. It simply means subscribers can use the material on their website, in their own print and online publications, and in promotional materials, but cannot use it for other purposes or share it with non-subscribers. You do not have to include the copyright notice when you use our articles.