Credit Union Seminars in a Box for Members Tips

Thank you for ordering and using Seminars in a Box for Members! We encourage you to reuse each seminar kit as many times as you wish.  

    Follow these preparation tips to host a successful member seminar.  

    Secure local sponsorship  

    • Invite local businesses (if not SEG-based) to sponsor a seminar

    Find local partners  

    • Hold a seminar in collaboration with other local credit unions
    • Contact the local Cooperative Extension System and show them the seminar kit to promote more educational collaborations between the Extension office and your credit union

    Remind members  

    • Place reminder calls the day before or day of the seminar to remind members about the seminar and inform them of what to expect

    Make it your own  

    • Customize the PowerPoint file, poster, handouts and social media blurbs with your credit union name and logo

    Find the right speakers  

    • Consider speakers from the credit union, SEGs, Cooperative Extension System or other reliable source in the community. Show them the speaker notes, which guide the speaker through the presentation, in case they’re unfamiliar with the topic. Reinforce that the seminar is educational—no selling, no promotion of external products or services

    Secure local PR  

    • Get local PR before, during and/or after the seminar. “Local credit union helps members learn how to __________.” Use poster and sample newsletter articles provided.
    • Place one of the PowerPoint slides on your website or use the social media toolkit provided to promote the seminar to members. Include logistical details of time, date, place, etc.

    Consider the timing  

    • Plan and host an evening session and offer snacks, pizza/sandwiches and drinks  

    Promote your credit union products and services  

    • Distribute packets to seminar attendees—include information about programs/services your credit union offers (i.e. auto loan specials, online banking)

    Provide value-added takeaways  

    • Offer related statement stuffers and drive-ups to members to take home
    • Promote prize giveaways  

    Consider completion certificates/incentives  

    • Offer Certificate of Completion (included in kit)
    • Consider providing incentive to bring a certain amount of certificates in for a special offer at your credit union
    • Promote seminars in conjunction with special offers (special auto loan rate for attending the seminars)

    Follow up with members  

    • Send the post-evaluation form (included in kit) to all attendees 3-6 weeks following the seminar and include information about your products/services
    • Use sign-up information to contact members after the seminar to promote your products/services  

    Educate staff  

    • Offer personal finance seminars to credit union employees using seminar materials

    Provide value-add to SEGs  

    • Offer work site education to SEGs and other local businesses using seminar materials
    • Order statement stuffers and drive-ups for use by SEGs/HR/employee assistance programs