Marketing Tips for Anytime Adviser


Your subscription includes log-in credentials to the Anytime Adviser  set up and customization page that you can update anytime:

  • Add your credit union's name to each coach. Your name displays at the top of every page in Anytime Adviser.
  • Choose the destinations for six special links-two in each of the six core topic areas, such as new car buying, ID theft, home buying, and so forth.
  • Turn off any coach that's not relevant to your credit union products and services.
  • Enter an email address to receive comments from members. Each coach invites members to contact your credit union.

Here's what credit union marketers tell us they do that works:

Communicate with your members about Anytime Adviser

  • Use social media to post updates about Anytime Adviser content.
  • Inform staff about Anytime Adviser. Encourage them to become familiar with the site and to promote to members.

Display the Anytime Adviser logo on your home page

Make it easy for your members to find Anytime Adviser and become regular users by placing the Anytime Adviser logo on your home page.

Link to Anytime Adviser from other pages

  • Credit union's login page: Let your members know about Anytime Adviser as they log in to access their account information.
  • Secondary pages: Create links to Anytime Adviser from other pages on your site, such as checking accounts, auto loans, mortgages, or any other service that could lead them to Anytime Adviser.

Get ideas from other subscribers

See how other credit unions have successfully integrated Anytime Adviser and other CUNA financial education microsites into their websites:

Share Your Ideas

What has worked for you? Please contact us to share your ideas about how to get the most from your subscription to Anytime Adviser. Feel free to include article ideas and questions about content.