​National Youth Savings Challenge

The easiest way to boost your youth event is by participating in the National Youth Saving Challenge this April.

The challenge is free, demonstrates your commitment to financial education, and provides CUNA with numbers to demonstrate the credit union difference to legislators. Also, it’s good business. Participating credit unions see big returns, reporting over $100 million in deposits just since 2014.

"DuTrac sees almost a 50% increase in new accounts and in funds deposited during the month of April. We believe it’s because of our efforts to promote the Saving Challenge.” - Karen M. Tegeler, Program and Events Specialist, DuTrac Community Credit Union.

In May of 2021, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) will randomly select a participating credit union to receive a grand prize of $1,000.


  1. Register here with your three goals. (See technical support at bottom of page).
    • Number of members under age 18 you expect to make deposits
    • Number of new accounts you hope to open
    • Total amount you expect youth to deposit during April
  2. Post or link to the rules on your credit union's website
  3. Contact a mentor, or review their best advice
  4. Promote the Saving Challenge to youth and parents in your branches and online
    • Promote the challenge on your website and social media
    • Entice youth participation with free giveaways
    • Get employees excited about reaching your deposit goal. Encourage them to enlist the youth they know - family, friends, and neighbors - to participate, set goals, and save money
  5. Track new youth accounts and deposits
    • Select one person to coordinate tracking deposits
    • If tracking cannot be done electronically in weekly or end-of-month reports, have each child (with parental permission) complete a registration slip to be deposited in a central location. Use these slips to tally deposits; you do not need to send them to CUNA
  6. Report your results
    • Return to this site to report your results by noon (CT) on May 14, 2021
    • Only credit unions reporting actual totals are eligible for the $1,000 grand prize
    • Announce results using a press release. Distribute to local press, and publish results on your website and in your newsletter. Send results to your sponsor groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Support:

National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) Reminder:

Every student counts! Remember to report youth presentation numbers to NYIB. Strong numbers demonstrate to state and national legislators how the credit union industry is changing lives through their commitment to financial literacy.