CUNA Frontline Compliance eSchool (recorded)

CUNA Frontline Compliance eSchool (recorded)
04/10/2019 To 09/18/2020
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This series is designed to provide credit union frontline staff, and anyone interested, education and compliance training on some of the most challenging and important topics facing frontline staff members. The series of six webinars will address certain compliance guidelines, requirements and risks.

Who Should Attend

Credit union frontline staff, branch managers and anyone interested in credit union operations and compliance.


Welcome to CU Compliance: An Intro on Compliance Basics

Compliance is just one of the many pieces that impact the day-to-day operations of a credit union. It can be confusing at times trying to figure out what falls under the compliance "umbrella". Having a good understanding of the basics can help as you encounter different scenarios throughout your day.

During this session, you will:
- Learn about the key regulators that impact what we do 
- Cover the regulatory framework that we follow today
- Discuss key compliance concepts

Social Media Do's and Don'ts 

The way we advertise and interact with our members has evolved exponentially over the past few years. Social media has been at the center of that evolution, and as credit unions utilize this medium more and more it is important to understand the compliance impacts that come with it.

This session will:
- Discuss how social media advertising is impacted under the current rules
- Go over the various risks associated with social media
- Examine the social media guidance that is out there and how that can assist you when working with this medium

Back to Basics: Reg CC

Yes, people do still use checks. Checks serve as a great financial tool for our members, but they are also used a lot by the fraudsters. That is why it is important to understand the requirements of Regulation CC, the regulation that governs when and how long you can hold funds that are deposited via check. Knowing these rules well help when it comes to safeguarding your member from potential fraud.

This session will:
- Explain the purpose of Regulation CC
- Describe requirements for future availability
- Define exception holds
- Explain the required notices and disclosure

Key Principals of Privacy Compliance

What information is considered private? What can I disclose and not disclose to someone? How do I ensure I am giving the right information? In this session we will help provide you with some key principals when it comes to financial privacy.

This session will:
- Cover the key regulations that govern privacy
- Go over the steps you need to take to ensure you are properly complying with these requirements
- Discuss some best practices that you can integrate into your daily routine

Back to Basics: Reg E

What qualifies as an EFT again? Do the overdraft rules apply here? Get the answers to these questions and more by brushing up on the requirements of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, or Regulation E.

During this session, you will:
- Understand what products and services are covered under Reg E
- Learn the applicable disclosure requirements under the rule
- Develop an understanding of the member’s rights under the rule

Business Account Basics

As more credit unions look to provide services to business members it is important to understand what you need to look for when it comes to compliance. Business accounts are inherently risky, and with that comes a little extra due diligence for the credit union. It is important that you take a look at the whole picture when opening up business accounts.

During this session, you will: 
- Develop an understanding of the regulations that impact business accounts
- Cover the different risks associated with business accounts
- Discuss best practices for properly evaluating and mitigating risk

This eSchool is available to CUNA Training Bundle users at no additional cost.

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