CUNA Financial Management Advanced eSchool (recorded)

CUNA Financial Management Advanced eSchool (recorded)
09/27/2019 To 08/01/2020
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Continuing to develop your understanding of financial management and the asset-liability management (ALM) process will greatly benefit your credit union. This advanced level eSchool covers a wide range of topics including financial ratios, credit, interest rate, liquidity and market risk. By attending, you will expand on your current knowledge to help you make the best financial decisions for your credit union.

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This event is endorsed by the CUNA Finance Council.

Who Should Attend
This eSchool is beneficial for accounting staff, financial analysts, Board of Directors, CFOs, IT, Branch Managers and credit union staff who are interested in learning how to manage the financial growth of the credit union.


Class 1: Advanced Financial Ratios

  • Use ratios to evaluate the total financial performance of the credit union
  • Examine each risk area to understand trends over time, interrelationships among ratios, and increasing and decreasing strengths and weaknesses
  • Review ratio forecasting methods given economic projections
  • Understand how tools, ratios, policy changes, and decisions are linked 
  • Analyze how recent economic trends have altered many of your credit union's ratios

Class 2: Advanced Financial Management Analysis and Problem Solving

  • Apply ALM (GAP, NEV, earnings at risk) tools to balance sheet management
  • Learn to critically review and understand balance sheet risk

Class 3: Advanced Balance Sheet Earnings

  • Review the foundations of financial management: objectives, purpose, tools, ratios, and strategies for maximizing earnings
  • Review reasons why financial management is critical in credit unions today given the current economic environment
  • Examine modeling techniques to consider in the ALM process

Class 4: Advanced Asset Liability Management

  • Discover how product design and pricing affects sensitivity of cash flows to changes in interest rates
  • Develop analytic tools to determine “decay rates” (deposit product sensitivity)
  • Analyze “duration” (market price sensitivity)

Class 5: Identify Interest Rate and Market Risks

  • Identify the four elements of interest rate risk and how they affect the credit union earnings and balance sheet; yield curve, basis, optionality, and re-pricing risk
  • Discuss how a future interest rate increase will affect the balance sheet and income statement
  • Identify and manage elements of market risk
  • Examine and analyze the factors that affect market value
  • Analyze factors that affect market value and cause market risk

Class 6: Managing Credit Risk

  • Explore credit risk and how to manage and control it
  • Understand the role of credit risk while managing the balance sheet
  • Become more familiar with the different types of credit risk
  • Explore forecasting methods for loan delinquency and charge-offs

Class 7: Liquidity and Funding Risk

  • Learn how to identify, manage, and control liquidity risk
  • Understand the critical elements in operational and contingency liquidity
  • Establish best practices when forecasting cash flow needs and sources
  • Review external funding and asset liquidation options

Class 8: Forecasting and Strategically Planning for Long-Term Growth

  • Understand the financial implications of long-term growth
  • Learn to forecast net worth, ROAA, employees and facilities growth
  • Develop your credit union financial road map
  • Create long-term financial simulations for your credit union

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