CUNA Latest Trends in Investments eSchool (recorded)

CUNA Latest Trends in Investments eSchool (recorded)
03/06/2019 To 12/31/2019
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Learners will have a new way of looking at investments, have a better understanding of Bloomberg analytics, current market conditions and learn about the 10 biggest mistakes investors make.

This event is endorsed by the CUNA Finance Council.

Who should attend?

This eSchool is beneficial for investment professionals.


The Use and Abuse of Conventional Analytics
Speaker: Nigel Johnson

Are conventional metrics such as yield, option-adjusted spread (OAS), spread, average life, duration, and economic value of equity (EVE) accurate? Regardless of accuracy, are they useful and how should these metrics be used? Moving beyond common dashboard metrics, attendees will start to develop a more consistent and useful methodology for evaluating cash flow risk versus reward starting with the concept of break-even.

Measuring Future Performance – How Do We Look Forward?
Speaker: Nigel Johnson

Session prerecorded

Review how scenario-based total return is applied to option-free securities and discrete option cash flow structures. Pricing conventions, rolling the curve, and reinvestment assumptions will be developed.

Decoding Bloomberg Analytics
Speaker: Gary Effman, CFA

Review the most commonly used Bloomberg screens used in the decision-making process and learn how to better understand and differentiate between similar offerings.

Speaker: Kurt Fritz

Are Adjustable Rate Securities an insurance policy against rising rates? Traditionally, how are Floating Rate Securities evaluated? What are some of the different types of Adjustable Securities and what has been the historical analysis of pricing and price volatility? We will look at the prepayment behavior of Adjustable Rate Mortgages versus fixed rate mortgages, also at a variety of risk including basis risk, cap and income risk, and show you how to run comparative analysis.

Small Business Administration Offerings
Speaker: Tim McCrary

Examine the structured offerings from the Small Business Administration. 

• Identify the key risks within the securities
• Understand the relationship between interest rates, the economy, and prepayments 
• Develop expected return profile and review the sectors historical performance

Developing Risk/Return Requirements for the Investment Portfolio
Speaker: Kevin Chiappetta, CFA

Teach the board and Asset Liability Committee the role your investment portfolio plays as an integral part of the balance sheet. After this session attendees will be able to demonstrate:

• How the portfolio mitigates the net risk between shares and loans
• How it can be used to generate added returns
• How to align performance expectations so everyone has clear risk/reward portfolio expectations, and be confident the risk taken in the portfolio is suitable and appropriate for the institution

Fundamentals of Taxable Municipal Securities
Speaker: Brian Battle

Starting off with a description of the municipal market, covering the different types of municipal bonds, the function of municipal finance, and the credit default history of these bonds. The latter part of this session will cover how to effectively deploy money in this sector.

Government & Agency Issued Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities
Speaker: Chris Hiebert

Examine the different agency Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities issuers and review these offerings.  Additionally, attendees will:

• Learn about the loan covenants driving prepayment friction and understand the implications to the investor
• Identify the key risks within the securities
• Understand the relationship between interest rates, the economy, and prepayments
• Develop expected return profile and review the sectors historical performance

10 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make
Speaker: John Behof

In 2003, John Behof wrote a white paper that was published by the Financial Managers Society entitled, “The Ten Biggest Mistakes Portfolio Managers Make.” 15 years later the paper was published again word for word as the same mistakes are being made again 15 years later. Learn what the most common mistakes investors make and how to avoid them.

Advanced MBS & CMO Analytics – Lessons Learned & Current Market Conditions
Speaker: Kurt Fritz

How do cash flow engineers of Wall Street create Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs) and use this important asset class to better understand rules of cash flow? How do they address window risk and cash flow volatility, and what lessons these securities hold for core business decisions from funding to lending?  Finally, look at mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and CMO sectors going forward and look back at lessons learned from prior year projections.  

Concentration Risk and Aggregate Real Estate Exposure
Speaker: John Toliver, CFA
With regulatory pressures at play, it is sound practice to make sure that credit unions are not overexposed to any one specific risk. Most recently, the financial crisis exposed vulnerabilities in the balance sheet allocations of many credit unions while other institutions were left largely unharmed.  In this session, we will examine the lessons the credit union industry learned the hard way.

How to Build an Effective Portfolio
Speaker: Nigel Johnson

Good performance in the portfolio could allow you the flexibility to better serve your members. How do you build an effective portfolio? How do we know how the portfolio will perform in the future? Bonds are mathematical instruments and therefore, the risk and rewards of your portfolio stance are reasonably calculable in advance. Learn how to build an effective portfolio.

Recorded eSchool length: 12 hours

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