CUNA Managing Economic and Operational Challenges During COVID-19 eSchool (recorded)

CUNA Managing Economic and Operational Challenges During COVID-19 eSchool (recorded)
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04/08/2020 To 12/31/2020
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The Coronavirus crisis affects credit unions of all asset sizes and employees at all levels. This eSchool offers guidance and discussion on how to manage the unforeseen challenges that the Coronavirus pandemic has created for credit unions nationwide.

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Who Should Attend

This eSchool is beneficial for anyone in leadership, marketing, training/HR, operations or finance roles.


Economic & Credit Union Impact of COVID-19
Speakers: Mike Schenk, Jordan van Rijn & Samira Salem

The U.S. economy has entered a recession as a result of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Social distancing, event cancellation, school closures and “stay at home” orders—all of which are critical to controlling the public health crisis—have dramatically reduced normal economic activity. Uncertainty, volatility and massive job losses have most consumers hunkered down. Join CUNA economists as they explore these issues and discuss key implications for credit union operations and prospects for financial stability and success.

This session is sponsored by CUNA Environmental Scan & COVID-19 Response Center.

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged During the Coronavirus
Speakers: Matt Monge & Mark Arnold

Shelter in Place. Flatten the Curve. Social Distancing. These terms and phrases have gone from novel to ubiquitous in a matter of weeks, spreading across our linguistic landscape like, well, a virus. Like no time in recent history, a global health crisis is having a massive impact on your credit union. Your members are quarantined; your operations are scrambling to adapt; and your employees' performance is being affected by a plethora of factors beyond their control. If your credit union hopes to not just survive, but to spur innovation and team cohesion through this crisis, join On The Mark Strategies' Matt Monge as he discusses key employee engagement strategies and tactics that will drive employee effectiveness and performance through this unprecedented crisis.

This session is sponsored by CUNA Creating Member Loyalty & COVID-19 Response Center.

How to Save Your Member Experience from the Coronavirus
Speakers: Taylor Wells & Mark Arnold

More than likely, your life is in some ways turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic. As unsettling as it is for you, so is it also for your members. However, the same foundational elements of a positive member experience that your credit union invested and built in the past will also propel your growth to new heights once the cloud of coronavirus has passed. While the ways you deliver your member experience may alter to fit the current environment, the philosophy of "clarity, consistency and constancy" must remain the same. The webinar will both reinforce that which makes a member experience strategy successful and offer ideas and insights on how to pivot your member experience in positive ways during coronavirus.

This session is sponsored by CUNA Creative Hub & COVID-19 Response Center.

How to Salvage Your Strategic Plan During the Coronavirus
Speaker: Mark Arnold

We are living in unprecedented times. Everyone is affected by the current coronavirus situation: your members, your employees and your credit union. As we finish the first quarter and start the second, your strategic plan is probably in a trashcan somewhere. Your income is taking a significant hit, your loan demand might decline while your delinquencies rise, and your employees are working from home or in skeleton crews. Credit unions have to adjust their strategies and pivot their tactics. The webinar will identify several strategies and tactics that are actually working in this new environment. You will learn how to update your strategic plan and go from surviving in a downturn economy to thriving.

This session is sponsored by CUNA Environmental Scan & COVID-19 Response Center.

Managing a Remote Workforce
Speaker: Matt Meuleners

Many leaders today find themselves leading an entirely virtual or remote team. This means helping their teams adjust to a new normal of tools, process, and schedule while remaining productive. Coordinating work, communicating to solve problems, and maintaining trust-based relationships and culture are all potentially more difficult in these teams.

This session is sponsored by CUNA Professional Development Online & COVID-19 Response Center.

Recorded webinar length: 4 hours and 15 minutes

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