Behind the Scenes of Pandemic Scams and Attacks webinar (recorded)

Behind the Scenes of Pandemic Scams and Attacks webinar (recorded)
05/02/2020 To 05/01/2021
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When a pandemic occurs and causes distraction, fraudsters are look for opportunities to play on people’s anxiety and fears to reap maximum reward.

Unsuspecting consumers and business are falling victim to a variety of scams and cyber-attacks designed to steal money, information and identities. Credit unions are caught in the middle, at times uncertain how to handle the situation or what resources are available. This uncertainty is too often leading to mishandling, leaving the member vulnerable to financial loss or the credit union exposed to risks including non-compliance, lawsuits and severe reputational damage.

This webinar covers hot issues from fraud and cyber worlds, arming credit unions with real examples, resources and tips to helping our members during these tremulous times. We will also examine investigation strategies and proper return or chargeback procedures as appropriate.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Identify current fraud and cyber-attack trends
  • Understand how to document red-flags your member has fallen victim to
  • Record appropriate credit union responses and investigative strategies
  • Review critical resources for the credit union and/or victim member

Who should attend

This webinar is beneficial to compliance staff, operations staff, fraud staff and ACH staff.

Recorded webinar length: 2 hours 

This webinar is available to CUNA Training Bundle users at no additional cost.

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