CUNA Commercial Loans During Turbulent Times eSchool (recorded)

CUNA Commercial Loans During Turbulent Times eSchool (recorded)
06/05/2020 To 03/31/2021
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During times of economic downturn, many credit union's business members struggle to keep their business afloat. As lenders managing commercial portfolios, it is our responsibility to pay careful attention to the portfolio and be aware of what to watch for to help protect the credit union while assisting our business members. Commercial loans by nature are complex due to the variety of industry types and needs of each business borrower. In this rapidly changing economy, it’s more important than ever to be ready to identify a problem loan early to then take appropriate action to mitigate the risk to the credit union.

This event is endorsed by CUNA Lending Council.

Who should attend?

The eSchool is beneficial for business and commercial lenders, managers, underwriters, commercial portfolio managers, business development officers and commercial lending servicers.


Dealing with Problem Commercial Loans – Identification and Actions
Speaker: Dana Sumner

Delinquent payments aren't leading indicators of potential issues. While it often represents one of the first signs we see, where else can we look to determine if issues are just below the surface. Having a better understanding of the credit comes with performing additional due diligence, sometimes something as simple as asking. So, what do you look for? How do you deal with the issues you uncover? This session will provide insight into these issues so that you and your credit union are better prepared to identify a problem with a commercial loan early and can take appropriate steps to mitigate risk.

Commercial Portfolio Concerns During the Economic Downturn
Speaker: Dana Sumner

The NCUA put the issue of portfolio management to the forefront in 2018. The importance is now even more magnified during what will likely be the greatest economic disruption of our time. While the commercial loan portfolio is often the smallest portfolio in the credit union, the impact that it can have on the finances of the credit union are often impactive on the credit union and the membership as a whole.

Fragile Commercial Industries – What We Need to Understand
Speaker: Dana Sumner

Many credit unions offer 90-180-day modifications and forbearance agreements to assist struggling members during turbulent economic times. Many industries will continue to struggle after a disruptive period and what credit unions do to determine the correct path to take, could very well depend on the type of businesses their borrowers are engaged in. While no one has a crystal ball, some common types of review and analysis may help credit unions make the right (albeit) difficult decision.

Recorded eSchool length: 4.5 hours

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