CUNA Lending eSchool (recorded)

CUNA Lending eSchool (recorded)
08/14/2020 To 05/31/2021
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One of the important ways credit unions serve their members is through offering critical and dynamic lending services. Are you focused on the many changes that have impacted lending this year so far? The COVID-19 pandemic along with economic uncertainties has made our commitment to assisting members with our lending services more important than ever.

This event is endorsed by CUNA Lending Council.

Who Should Attend

This eSchool is beneficial for lenders of all experience levels, as well as those who aspire to be future credit union lenders will benefit from the information shared during these virtual sessions. Lending operations and support staff along with lending compliance personnel will also find value in attending this eSchool.


Post Pandemic Lending
Speaker: Don Arkell

With the pandemic situation and record unemployment that COVID-19 caused, lenders are trying to navigate the new environment. In this session, Don Arkell will cover principles that are needed to survive and thrive in an ever-changing lending landscape. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about tactics and programs that credit unions are implementing across the country.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Remote lending best practices
  • Income verification standards
  • Auto recapture opportunities today
  • Small dollar lending traps and tips
  • Lending on the account relationship
  • LTV guidelines for a declining market

OMG, There’s a “T” in Mortgage! – The Basics
Speaker: Blaine Rada

If you are looking to learn more within the mortgage lending arena, this session is for you. Attendees will cover the steps necessary to get a loan application off to the best possible start. During this session you'll:

  • Learn five things to focus on first
  • Discover the top three borrower complaints and what to do about them
  • Examine three C’s: Capacity, Capital and Credit

Appraisals, Assessing Risk and Approvals, Oh My! Making Better Loan Decisions
Speaker: Blaine Rada

Dive deep into understanding what goes into the final loan decision and how to best help your member through the mortgage loan application process. During this session you'll:

  • Learn three reasons why appraisals are important, three key things to focus on, and the three criteria for good comps
  • Understand the risk factors that lead to “approve” or “decline” including how to identify the three most important ones
  • Identify six keys to making better decisions

Lending Compliance Overview
Speaker: David Reed

Financial institutions remain one of the most highly regulated entities on the planet. Every product, service and delivery method you offer is governed by detailed laws, rules and regulations. Failure to follow the rules can get your credit union into lots of trouble. While you may not need to be a compliance expert, a general understanding of compliance fundamentals will serve you well. This session will review the primary lending regulations and their impact on your operations, including:

  • Privacy and security regulations
  • Truth in Lending Act
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)
  • Military Lending Act

COVID-19 Related Lending Compliance
Speaker: David Reed

COVID-19 has impacted almost every element of credit union operations and lending is no exception. Congress and financial regulators have acted swiftly to provide both assistance and flexibility into the financial services marketplace. We are in such a rapidly changing environment such a failure to stay up-to-date on regulatory changes can put your credit union in a dangerous situation. From the loan modification process to how a forbearance agreement is reported on a credit report, you need to keep up with recent changes in lending compliance.

This session will cover:

  • Recent regulatory guidance
  • Working with troubled borrowers
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID)
  • Right of rescission

Lending is Hard, Relationships are Harder! “Soft” Skills Can Make Things Easier
Speaker: Blaine Rada

This session will focus on how to create a relationship with your applicant that ensure a positive loan transaction. During this session, you will learn:

  • Three words you must communicate to build long-term relationships
  • Three sales skills that will differentiate you from 95% of the competition
  • Three traits shared by the best in our business

New Economy Lending
Speaker: Don Arkell

Recent workforce statistics estimate that approximately 36% of Americans are employed in the “Gig Economy”. Historically, credit unions have provided lending services to wage earners that are associated with a specific employer group. The roots of credit union membership are tied to traditional employers.

The workforce of today looks dramatically different than when your credit union was founded. Across generational boundaries, borrowers are straddled with student loan debt. Don Arkell will cover the following topics and more to help you navigate the lending landscape of the “Gig Economy” which includes:

  • Defining the gig economy
  • Understanding traditional lending metric shortcomings
  • Identifying income verification traps
  • Reviewing alternative lending data
  • Knowing how the sharing economy is putting your auto portfolio at risk

Affordable Home Ownership – A Field Guide for Credit Unions
Speaker: Keith Kasmire

89% of Millennials want to own a home but only 1 in 20 think they can do so in the next year. Join this session to learn why credit unions need to focus their binoculars on home loans. We’ll separate myth from fact to uncover the true obstacles for first-time buyers, then draw a map to guide credit unions towards a future of creating homes, communities and members for life. This field guide will discuss:

  • The transformational impact of home ownership
  • Down payment facts and folklore
  • Staying on the marked trail of financial literacy
  • How to grow your own home buyers
  • Product solutions found in the wild

Recorded eSchool length: 11 hours 30 minutes

This eSchool is available to CUNA Training Bundle users at no additional cost.

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