CUNA BSA/AML Certification eSchool with NASCUS

CUNA BSA/AML Certification eSchool with NASCUS
10/19/2020 To 12/07/2020
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CUNA BSA/AML Certification eSchool with NASCUS is designed for credit union compliance and BSA professionals of all skill levels. The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) eSchool curriculum provides an opportunity for attendees to choose their learning experience based on their educational needs and goals. In addition, this eSchool provides attendees the option to earn or recertify for the CUNA Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Specialist (BSACS) designation.

Who Should Attend

This eSchool is benefical for BSA officers, compliance professionals, CEO’s of small credit unions and anyone responsible for compliance or the Bank Secrecy Act.

Steps to BSACS Certification and Recertification

BSACS Recertification Requirement: There is no exam this year. eSchool attendance, every three years, is the only recertification requirement for recertification designees.

  1. REGISTER for CUNA BSA/AML Certification eSchool with NASCUS.
  2. LOCATE a proctore in your area. For more information on proctor guidelines, please click here.
  3. SCHEDULE your exam on a date that is before the exam deadline: 10-1-21.
  4. COMPLETE & SUBMIT the Proctored Exam Request form four weeks before your scheduled exam date. Remember the exam deadline is 10-1-21, please plan accordingly. When completing the form, choose BSACS Certification Exam (SC503). You do NOT need a Comp Code.
  5. PREPARE: to prepare for the BSACS certification exam: exam: view the “BSA 101 and Compliance Specialist (BSACS) Certification Class” and review the CUNA BSA Compliance Guide.

    NOTE: Respective exam content is covered during this session only, students are not tested on the content of any other CUNA BSA/AML eSchool session
  6. ATTEND the CUNA BSA/AML Certification eSchool with NASCUS
  7. TAKE the BCAS certification exam before 10-1-21.

If you have further questions about the exam process, please contact or 800-356-8655 ext 4249.


BSA in the Virtual World
October 19, 2020 // 1:00-2:00 p.m. CT

Mobile banking and remote member services are ubiquitous. But, is the credit union’s BSA/AML/CFT (counter-terrorism financing) program up to the task? This session will focus on the requirements for verifying identities and best practices for policies and procedures to ensure e-banking does not leave a critical gap in the BSA framework.

Don't Build a House on Sand: Risk Assessment
October 26, 2020 // 1:00-2:00 p.m. CT
Speaker: Jim Vilker

The foundation for any BSA/AML/OFAC (Office of Foreign Control) compliance program or examination is a comprehensive and thoughtful risk assessment. Each year, the risk assessment should be reviewed to ensure it is still commensurate with the risk profile of the credit union. If the risk assessment is flawed, the entire BSA/AML program is compromised. This session will demonstrate the building blocks of an effective risk assessment.

De-Risking: No Joking Matter- Fine Tuning Your CDD
November 2, 2020 // 1:00-2:00 p.m. CT

De-risking is a complex issue, but one that credit unions must get right. To maintain a member relationship or portfolio while unable to properly manage the risk is to invite disaster. On the other hand, to de-risk from an over-abundance of caution or for frugality may result in the denial of basic financial service to law abiding, and sometimes marginalized, groups. This session will look at the compliance and social nuances of de-risking, providing attendees a framework through which to analyze these issues in their credit union.

Leading your BSA Team
November 9, 2020 // 1:00-2:00 p.m. CT

This competency workshop will focus on developing the skills to be an effective manager. Whether leading a BSA team or an exam team, attendees will hone their skills to be a successful BSA project manager.

View from a Regulator
November 16, 2020 // 1:00-2:00 p.m. CT

Join us as we have a federal regulator highlight the recent changes to the BSA/AML Exam Manual.

Future of BSA: SBA Lending, Updates
November 23, 2020 // 1:00-2:00 p.m. CT

This session will cover recent legislation changes related to BSA, AML, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council and risk. How have the recent changes affected the CU’s BSA policy? What does BSA look like going forward?

BSA Roundtable with Subject Matter Expert Panel
December 7, 2020 // 1:00-2:00 p.m. CT

Join BSA/AML subject matter experts in a discussion on all things Bank Secrecy Act. Come prepared with your credit union’s questions as we wrap up our 2020 BSA eSchool.

The following pre-recorded sessions will be available in your My Programs page on October 20, 2020

Elder Financial Exploitation & Human Trafficking webinar
Instructor: Ryan Painter and TBD

Elder financial abuse can be a particularly devasting crime. It is a crime that can deprive seniors of their wealth and ultimately their ability to live independently. As fraudsters adopt their methods, financial institutions must continually update their knowledge of the red flags that might save a senior from financial and other serious abuse. This session will focus on the red flags and best practices to identify possible elder abuse.

Human trafficking is a crime for which BSA/AML/CFT officers are in a unique position to interdict. This session will provide attendees an understanding of human trafficking and familiarize them with the red flags that can alert a financial institution to suspicious activity.

What's in a Name: Sole Props, DBAs, and the BSA/AML of Business Accounts
Instructor: David Reed

In order to understand when the enhanced due diligence of the BO rule applies, or to properly risk rate an account, a person needs to understand the differences in business combinations and when businesses are distinct from their owners. This session will review the types and characteristics of various business structures.

Enforcement Action Review

Practitioners can learn a great deal from the published enforcement actions issued by regulators and law enforcement. This session will survey the missteps and plights of those who faced major enforcement action for violations of the BSA/AML/CFT and OFAC frameworks.

Fraud: What We Learned From the Pandemic
Instructor: Verafin

This session will cover top fraud trends in 2020, fraud related to the pandemic, and monitoring and reporting fraud in relation to the BSA.

Marijuana & Hemp in 2021
Instructor: Green Creek Verified

2020 did not bring the clarity to marijuana and hemp banking many hoped it would. Whether banking the industries, considering banking the industries, or determined not to bank the industries, there are many nuances to navigate in the credit union’s policies and procedures. This session will focus on the distinct issues related to marijuana and hemp banking, and the peaks and valleys of the industry itself.

Mobile banking and remote member services are ubiquitous. But, is the credit union’s BSA/AML/CFT (counter-terrorism financing) program up to the task? This session will focus on the requirements for verifying identities and best practices for policies and procedures to ensure e-banking does not leave a critical gap in the BSA framework.

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