Why You Should Care About AI webinar (recorded)

Why You Should Care About AI webinar (recorded)
08/17/2021 To 12/31/2021
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Artificial intelligence, also known as AI. Sounds like a futuristic movie? Something James Bond might use? What about your credit union? Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and the uses are just starting to be discovered. We will define exactly what AI is, and the many ways that compliance experts may be able to apply it. And don’t worry – you will still have a job!


  • Define artificial intelligence
  • Discuss why understanding AI is important for compliance professional
  • Learn about opportunities for utilizing AI

This webinar is part of CUNA Regulatory Compliance Certification eSchool: Update which starts August 2, 2021. CUNA members gain access to the entire series for $1,095.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is beneficial for CUCEs, compliance staff, operations staff, lenders, CEOs and compliance attorneys.

Recorded webinar length: 1 hour

This webinar is available to CUNA Training Bundle users at no additional cost.

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