The BIA webinar

The BIA webinar
2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M. CT
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The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is one of the most essential components of your BCP program and is the core to focusing effort in maintaining member services. Yet most organizations struggle to complete and refresh this list. This session will focus on both alternatives to more efficiently creating a more effective BIA and explain a process to better manage (real-time and annual) refreshes and validation. We will also present and discuss processes a typical credit union should expect to see on their resulting BIA, and the rationale to help guide your BIA effort within your credit union.

Learning objectives:

  • Provide an alternative method for finalizing a Business Impact Analysis
  • Present a draft list of processes typically found in a credit union BIA (and rationale)
  • Present and discuss the key information that should be gathered for each process to properly evaluate your BIA’s effectiveness.
  • Discuss why using this alternative method will aid in the real-time management and required annual refresh of your BIA. 

This webinar is part of CUNA Business Continuity eSchool which starts May 3, 2021. CUNA members gain access to the entire series for $995.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is beneficial for compliance officers, compliance staff, risk managers, information technology managers and senior staff.

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