CUNA Lending eSchool (recorded)

CUNA Lending eSchool (recorded)
08/03/2021 To 05/31/2022
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One of the important ways credit unions serve their members is through offering critical and dynamic lending services. Learn how to strengthen your lending services by taking a closer look at lending trends, discussing ways to build a more effective sales culture and exploring how to compete with the right technology to give your credit union a competitive edge.

This event is endorsed by CUNA Lending Council.

Who Should Attend

This eSchool is beneficial for lenders and leaders of all experience levels as well as those who aspire to be future credit union lenders.


Lending Case Study – Turning Things Around
Speaker: Pierre Cardenas

Review a case study of a $125M credit union that was on the brink of being taken over by the NCUA. This credit union was mandated by the NCUA to grow loans without utilizing an indirect program while they had no marketing budget and no budget to hire while their capital ratio fell below 6%.

In this “What would you do?” discussion, discover how to turn things around – a “get out of jail” plan for struggling credit unions. Learn how one credit union became a top lending organization in a five-year span after implementing a successful turnaround and what you can start doing now to help improve yours.

Lending Trends and the Coming Competition
Speaker: Pierre Cardenas

Explore trends taking place in the lending environment, and the role FinTechs are playing in this hyper-competitive market space. Unless credit unions begin to pull a page out of the FinTech lenders’ operating book, they may have market share taken by the challenger banks and other lenders constantly entering the arena.

It may not be the current generation of members, but the next generation who could feel the effects if credit unions do not make the right strategic moves to compete and maintain relevance in their market space. Join us to make sure your credit union is taking steps in the right direction to continue to grow and expand.

Scalability Is Key to Your Lending Future
Speaker: Pierre Cardenas

The right technology with the right touch points will give you the ability to get your share of the loan business in today’s highly competitive environment. During this session understand how building relationships while building loans will give you a competitive edge.

Branch Banking – Where Do We Go From Here?
Speaker: Pierre Cardenas

Credit unions need a pivot strategy not to close their branches, but to shift their branch structure to effectively compliment their digital strategy. Learn what others are doing to leverage the branch structure in new and innovative ways to increase market share at your credit union.

A Solid Sales Culture is Critical for Credit Union Lending Success
Speaker: Pierre Cardenas

There are three foundational pieces for establishing a sales team: It requires the right pay structure, the right systems and the right people. Learn how to implement these three things so that your credit union will be able to produce strong organic loan growth with higher penetrations in selling ancillary products.

Recorded eSchool length: 7.5 hours

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