Hedging Career Risk webinar

Hedging Career Risk webinar
10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M. CT
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In this session, we will focus on establishing price volatility limits for your portfolio based on the net interest rate risk between your shares and loans. A risk-free portfolio, FRB EBA, would have no price risk, generate little to no earnings in rates unchanged, reprice very quickly and leaving the balance sheet exposed to falling rates. A portfolio that is too long would incur too much price sensitivity, reprice very slowly and leave the balance sheet exposed to rates up. In the session, we will address these issues to establish the proper balance for your institution.

This webinar is part of CUNA latest Trends in Investments eSchool which starts March 1, 2021. CUNA members gain access to the entire series for $1,395.

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Who Should Attend

This webinar is beneficial for investment professionals and those who earned the CCUIP designation in 2019.

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