How it works

How does the Creating Member Loyalty program work?

CML begins with the creation of a customized training blueprint. As we explore your opportunities and goals, we outline a right-sized plan to develop specific skills and strategies for your staff. Once that blueprint is in place, we start the build:

Framing Workshop: Engagement drives change, and our team kicks it off with a review of your goals and the specified training to meet those goals with people-leaders. The objective: Effectively communicate and implement your plans as well as put metrics in place to measure success.

Trainer Certification: Several employees (whom you designate) take part in Trainer Certification courses to learn how to effectively train your staff on core concepts and tactics, as well as any additional skills modules you have chosen. This approach enables your designated trainers to internalize and own the training delivery, becoming your in-house experts along the way.

Core Skills: Seven service skill areas are the foundation of CML. Together, they create a service culture focused on what credit union members need and expect. Once certified, your trainers will begin training your employees using CML-provided materials.

Additional Skill Training Modules: When core skills have been established, your certified trainers will focus on training your staff with resources from the additional CML modules of your choosing. The options include more than 20 topics about sales, contact centers, selling to small businesses, operations leadership, sales leadership and others.

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