Certified Credit Union Board Member – Self Directed Study

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Certified Credit Union Board Member – Self Directed Study
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Certified Credit Union Board Member – Self Directed Study

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This course follows the same curriculum as the the 5-day CUNA Credit Union Board Certification School in a condensed online version.
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Modeled after the 5-day CUNA Credit Union Board Certification School, the online track follows the same curriculum in a condensed online version while offering the flexibility to take the courses at your own pace.

At the end of each course you will be required to complete the exam. Courses can be completed in any order. Here are the Areas of Study you will be focusing on as you strive to earn your Certified Credit Union Board Member (CCUB) designation.


CUNA Volunteer Achievement Program courses:

  • History & Philosophy
  • Financial Reports
  • Managing Risk

Safety and Soundness

Course list:

  • Fundamentals of Financials for Directors
  • Asset Liability Management for Directors
  • Compliance Fundamentals Overview for Directors  


Course list:

  • Board Governance Essentials for Directors
  • Board Duties & Authority / Board Liability & Insurance for Directors

CEO Oversight

Course list:

  • CEO Oversight for Directors

Strategic Planning

Course list:

  • Strategic Thinking & Plan Design for Directors
  • Strategic Plan Execution & Oversight for Directors

Board Operations & Development

  • Board Operations & Development for Directors

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