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2018-2019 CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan) Electronic Kit

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2018-2019 CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan) Electronic Kit
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2018-2019 CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan) Electronic Kit

Product Code:

This kit includes the 2018-2019 CUNA E-Scan Report (PDF), Streaming Video and PowerPoint.

  • 2018-2019 CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan) streaming video
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Preparing your credit union for the future takes accurate research and diligent decision making. With the 2018-2019 CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan) Electronic Kit, you can confidently guide your team into the future, receiving all these trusted CUNA E-Scan resources at a discounted package price!

This product includes:

2018-2019 CUNA E-Scan Report – PDF ($1,265 value): Organized into 10 trend-based chapters, this comprehensive report contains the latest research on consumer and business trends that affect credit unions and identifies areas of focus to compete in the marketplace. Containing articles written by subject matter experts and current credit union practitioners, this report provides credible, actionable insights to help you plan for the successful future of your credit union.

2018-2019 CUNA E-Scan Streaming Video ($300 value): Contains additional examples, perspectives and anecdotes from industry experts and current credit union practitioners. You can also hear interviews from authors of the report and other subject matter experts in this fast-moving, concise video to stimulate meaningful leadership discussions.

2018-2019 CUNA E-Scan PowerPoint ($290 value): With numerous slides to help you speak to the content of the report for leadership meetings and strategic planning sessions, this PowerPoint presentation gives you the knowledge necessary to hone in on the most vital topics to your credit union. You’ll focus your meetings and quickly build understanding and consensus between your leadership team with this clear and concise source of data and analysis.

The 2018-2019 CUNA E-Scan Report is endorsed by CUNA Councils.

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The report and kit are also available in additional formats.


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