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Product Knowledge

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Product Knowledge
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Product Knowledge

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Boost product knowledge to gain member loyalty. This resource tool provides customized profiles for as many as 70+ credit union products.
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Boost product knowledge to gain member loyalty. Take your product knowledge from satisfactory to exemplary by implementing the Product Knowledge Program from CUNA Creating Member Loyalty™. Discover your member’s needs and empower your frontline staff by providing them the knowledge of the products and services your credit union offers. Get the right product information in your members’ hands with the Product Knowledge Program from CUNA Creating Member Loyalty™.

Product knowledge can lead to:

  • Sales: With access to the simplified details of each product and service, your staff will build confidence — and confidence into sales.
  • Loyalty: Positive member experiences will drive more members to turn to your credit union first.

The Product Knowledge Program includes:

  • 70+ pre-built, customizable product profile Microsoft Word templates to create a customized Member Needs Handbook including product information, probing questions and cross-selling opportunities
  • TeamLeader’s Guide including games, quizzes and practice scenarios
  • Straightforward instructions for editing, tailoring or creating additional profiles to specific products and services

For each product profile we provide:

  • What it is
  • What it does
  • Who's eligible
  • Presentation helpers (where to go for more info if needed)
  • Experts (who in the credit union knows the most about the product)
  • Product features
  • Member benefits
  • Prospect profile (who to target with the product)
  • Potential needs the member may mention that the product fulfills
  • Questions to ask the member to identify and confirm the need for the product
  • Questions/objections the member may raise
  • Possible responses to the questions/objections
  • Cross-selling opportunities (when appropriate) including the potential need, need identification questions, and the appropriate product to cross-sell

Get started on customizing your product profiles today!

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