Buying a Home: Spanish Electronic member seminar

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Buying a Home: Spanish Electronic member seminar
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Buying a Home: Spanish Electronic member seminar

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The seminar material for Acceso a Dinero a Través de Crédito (Access to Money with Credit) covers how credit unions are different from banks, why credit is important, and the different types of credit.
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This seminar for Compra de una Vivienda: Su Guía para Tomar una Decisión Financiera Inteligente covers:

  • How to determine if you’re ready to buy a home
  • How to choose the right home for you
  • The mortgage loan application process
  • The importance of a home inspection
  • How homeowner’s insurance protects your investment
  • The Closing process

This seminar kit contains a collection of electronic files in Spanish, including:

  • PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes
  • A step-by-step planning checklist
  • Member handouts
  • Sign-up sheets
  • Speaker preparation sheet
  • Evaluation forms
  • Certificate of completion for members
  • Full-color poster

Estimated length: 30-45 minutes
Updated October 2018

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