Compliance and Marketing eGuide (PDF)

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Compliance and Marketing eGuide (PDF)
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Compliance and Marketing eGuide (PDF)

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This eGuide is the new edition designed to walk marketing staff through the ins and outs of compliance - including NCUA basics and beyond.
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5th Edition

Marketers and compliance staff have one powerful challenge in common: how to identify which regulatory requirements must be adhered to for each specific product or service being advertised. This Guide is designed to walk marketing staff through the ins and outs of compliance - including NCUA basics and beyond.

Topics include:

  • Ad Accuracy and Not Discriminating
  • Truth in Savings
  • Truth in Lending
  • How to Advertise Open-end Credit
  • HELOC Ads Basics
  • How to Advertise Closed-end Credit
  • Leasing
  • Tips on Privacy Disclosures
  • Deposit Tickets Compliance
  • The Best of Brochures
  • Promotions and Giveaways
  • State Laws
  • Penalties of Noncompliance

See a sample.

See the Table of Contents.

2019-2020 Important changes to the edition:

  • Page 2, Paragraph 4: Clarification was added to the NCUA allowance of “color variations” to the NCUA official sign as addressed in Part 740.
  • Page 10, Paragraph 2: The reference link demonstrating the HUD poster requirements for state chartered credit unions “24 CFR 110” has been updated.
  • Page 59, Paragraph 1: Clarification was added to HELOC advertisements and possible balloon payments.
  • Page 65, Item Number 7 & 8: Sample Ad #7 – Line of Credit Compliance Checklist has been updated to elaborate on the answers.
  • Page 81, Item Number 3: Clarification added to payment advertising of loans in the first lien position.
  • Page 122, Item Number 2(a)(3): Checklist #2 – NCUA’s Rules and Regulations, Section 701.31 was updated to include verbiage “Insured by NCUA.”
  • Page 131, Item Number 9: Checklist #4 – Truth-In-Lending (Regulation Z) Advertising Compliance Checklist has been updated to reflect the index and margin use for the current annual percentage rate.
  • Page 135, Paragraph 2: Clarification was added to advertisements which include triggering terms.
  • Page 140, “Official Advertising Statement”: The definition was updated to specify “federally insured.”

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