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Credit Union Sales course (print)

Credit Union Sales course (print)

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This course provides a set of effective strategies to help you maximize sales and service success with members at your credit union.

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This course provides a set of effective strategies to help you maximize sales and service success with members at your credit union. This will increase both your understanding of the sales process and your confidence in providing appropriate services and products to members. This course features interactive online activities as a part of the print-based course. See them for yourself.

This is a CUNA STAR course.

Topics include:

Introduction to Sales:

  • Define "selling" from a credit union perspective
  • Explain the difference between "external" and "internal" customers
  • Answer the question "What do members want?"
  • Identify reasons members might stop doing business with your credit union
  • List common reactions to poor customer service
  • Apply the PRIDE selling skills model to everyday interactions with members

Plan for Successful Sales:

  • Get organized for successful selling
  • Effectively manage your time
  • Set high-performance goals
  • Use planning tools to optimize your selling effectiveness

Recognize Needs:

  • Focus on members to make them feel welcome and important
  • Show an interest in members by making eye contact and using their names during transactions
  • Use an appropriate tone of voice with members
  • Respond to members' preferences by identifying their communication styles

Inquire and Listen:

  • Effectively ask closed-ended and open-ended questions
  • Ask a question in a way that will encourage the member or staff person to respond
  • Listen in a way that builds trust and promotes understanding
  • Clarify communication by testing for understanding
  • Bring transactions to a satisfactory conclusion by summarizing

Describe Benefits:

  • Link member needs to credit union products and services
  • Make a benefit statement to members
  • Handle objections in a way that helps the member feel understood
  • Test with the member for acceptance of the product or service

Expedite the Sale:

  • Gain commitment from members for the purchase of products and services
  • Reach agreements to next steps
  • Follow through on member requests
  • Convey a sense of urgency and importance
  • Expand the sale by cross-selling appropriate products and services
  • Express confidence and appreciation to members

A comprehensive exam for all 6 courses is included through CUNA Professional Development Online (CPD Online). Additional exams can be purchased for $24.50 each.

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