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Professional Member Service course (print)

Professional Member Service course (print)

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This course provides successful strategies for building long-term member relationships with a focus on consultative selling.

  • One CPD Online Complimentary Exam

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This course provides successful strategies for building long-term member relationships with a focus on consultative selling. This course will help you to develop your communication skills, including professional telephone techniques, and how to resolve conflicts and handle complaints. This course features interactive online activities as a part of the print-based course.

This is a CUNA STAR course.

A comprehensive exam is included through CUNA Professional Development Online (CPD Online). Additional exams can be purchased for $24.50 each.

What is Member Service:

  • Describe what it means to me "member-centric"
  • Explain the components of motivation that lead to a positive attitude
  • Describe how the way you look and act conveys your professionalism
  • Describe the basic elements in successful communication
  • Identify how your current job fits in your future career path

Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But for Service:

  • Explain the importance of long-term relationships with each member
  • State the importance of understanding the consultative selling approach
  • Explain how different departments in the credit union help you to provide quality member service
  • Describe why you need to expand your knowledge of your credit unions products and services
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of teamwork skills

Building Member Service Skills:

  • Discuss how members diverse backgrounds impact their financial service needs
  • Predict likely needs based on age and life stage
  • List, in order, the seven steps for providing service
  • Describe the three key ways to ensure accuracy in your transactions
  • Explain why discretion and confidentiality are key aspects to member service

Technology as a Member Service Tool:

  • Discuss the technology in your credit union that supports member service
  • List the computer applications that you use daily, and the people to go to if you have questions about those applications
  • Identify the steps of proper telephone etiquette
  • Describe how technology, teamwork, and member service are related
  • List different types of self-service options members use to conduct transactions

Member Service Challenges:

  • Recognize stress and describe the main causes of stress
  • Discuss appropriate coping skills for responding to stress
  • Explain why it is important to resolve conflicts
  • Adapt the seven steps for professional member service to resolve conflicts and handle complaints
  • Describe important workplace skills to help you cope with stress and conflict

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