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Call Center Service Skills course (print)

Call Center Service Skills course (print)

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This course presents tips and techniques for enjoying your job and relating effectively with members, while dealing with repetitive tasks.
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The call center is crucial to the success of your credit union, but it is often overlooked in regards to training. This course presents tips and techniques for enjoying your job and relating effectively with members, while dealing with repetitive tasks. Learn how to manage calls efficiently while presenting a positive, professional image to members. Additionally, you will learn about tools and technology that can help make call management at your credit union more successful and how to handle special situations with ease.

This is a CUNA STAR course.

Topics include:

Today's Call Center

  • Describe the modern call center's evolution
  • Identify the characteristics of a successful call center representative
  • Describe the typical credit union call center environment
  • Identify common member service expectations
  • Describe the importance of sales activities in a credit union call center

Positive Communication Skills

  • List the six stages for effective communication in a call center interaction
  • Describe the challenges of communicating by phone
  • Define active listening
  • Describe the elements of a good telephone voice
  • List ways to project a positive attitude
  • Define the elements of proper telephone etiquette

Dealing with Repetitive Tasks

  • Follow established procedures that support member service and regulatory compliance
  • Explain the importance of organization and time management for handling common tasks efficiently
  • List best practices for performing routine tasks
  • Manage the stress of performing repetitive tasks and of coping with other pressures

Tools and Technology

  • List the advantages of call center technologies to members and employees
  • Describe the technology tools that connect call center staff to members
  • Identify the ways technology safeguards member accounts and the credit union
  • Describe how you can use technology to improve your member service skills
  • Explain the importance of balancing technology with personal service

Handling Special Situations

  • List the types of emergencies that might affect call center service
  • Explain the need for sensitivity and confidentiality when serving members whose personal problems affect their need for financial services
  • Describe the process of assisting members with special needs
  • List the steps in providing professional service to angry or distressed members
  • Explain how to base the service you provide on member's needs and expectations

Call Center Coaching

  • Describe how managers and supervisors can support a motivating and productive call center environment
  • List coaching tools and strategies to provide effective on-the-job training
  • Identify the quantitative and qualitative measurements of call center employee performance
  • List effective discipline strategies
  • Describe coaching practices designed to improve call center performance
  • List ways to prevent burnout among call center employees 

A comprehensive exam is included through CUNA Professional Development Online (CPD Online). Exams can be purchased for $24.50 each.

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