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Resolving Employee Conflict course (print)

Resolving Employee Conflict course (print)

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Learn the tools you need to create a positive atmosphere for rapid conflict resolution.

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Conflict is inevitable. The effective manager knows how to keep conflict from getting personal by focusing on the core issues and moving toward resolution. Learn the tools you need to create a positive atmosphere for rapid conflict resolution. This course features interactive online activities as a part of the print-based course.

This is a CUNA MERIT course.

Topics include:

The Nature of Conflict

  • Describe two common perceptions of conflict
  • Cite four benefits of dealing with conflict effectively
  • Recognize common symptoms of conflict
  • Identify five primary sources of conflict

Types of Conflict

  • Explain how life roles contribute to intrapersonal conflict
  • Compare three types of interpersonal conflict in the workplace
  • Describe the role of emotions in conflict
  • Identify one coping strategy for each type of conflict in the workplace

Organizational Culture and Conflict

  • Identify five elements of organizational culture that contribute to conflict
  • Describe the fundamental communication process and its relationship to conflict
  • Explain three ways to generate organizational excitement
  • Describe two key roles leaders play in impacting organizational culture

Acting to Resolve Conflict

  • Identify three roles past experience can play in conflict resolution
  • Explain four traditional approaches to conflict resolution
  • Describe three ways to prepare for successful conflict resolution
  • Discuss the importance of using interest-based bargaining to resolve conflict

Applying Conflict Prevention Tools

  • Describe three major factors that cause organizations to be a party in conflict
  • Explain SMART goals and their importance to conflict prevention
  • Identify four areas of exposure to conflict in the employment relationship
  • List three conflict avoidant policies or practices

A comprehensive exam is included through CUNA Professional Development Online (CPD Online). Additional exams can be purchased for $29.50 each.

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