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MADISON, Wis. ? Credit unions can lower the rate of employee misconduct and better protect themselves from consequences from said conduct by employing an ethics training program. Establishing an ethical credit union culture and the subject of non-interest income are the focus of new white papers sponsored by two of the CUNA Councils.

The new CUNA Human Resources, Training and Development (HR/TD) Council white paper - ?Establishing an Ethics Training Program? - examines ethics from an organizational perspective and its role in optimal productivity. Additionally, the paper mentions that the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations encourages proper training, which lowers the rate of misconduct within an organization, and promises reduced fines and consequences for organizations that can prove that misconduct was the result of a ?bad apple? rather than an unethical ?tree.?

The paper first breaks down the development of an ethics training program into a nine-step process, and then provides more specific details and considerations for these steps. Research-based best practices and training design are also included, along with a number of additional business ethics resources.

A second new white paper, sponsored by the CUNA CFO Council, discusses the subject of non-interest income generation during the current margin squeeze.

?Trends in Generating Non-Interest Income? was based on a survey of credit unions? performance in generating non-interest income, which was commissioned by the CFO Council last April. The survey asked CFOs to identify the amount of non-interest income generated by their credit unions for fiscal year 2005, broken down into five categories ? deposit-related fee income, loan-related fee income, other member services fee income, other operating income, and non-operating income ? as well as a number of sub-categories.

The paper then summarizes the findings of the survey, identifies significant trends or inconsistencies revealed by the data, and provides assistance to credit unions in generating additional earnings. Data is broken down by asset size and region.

CUNA Council members are entitled to complimentary copies of these white papers; non-members may purchase the white papers for a price of $50 per copy. The papers are available online at; select the ?Shared White Papers? link located in the ?Shared Council Content? drop-own menu. Choose the ?HR/TD? tab for the ethics paper and the ?CFO? tab for the non-interest income paper. From there, non-members should follow the non-member link to order.

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