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MADISON, Wis. - College students can get tips and a detailed chart to help them design a spending plan in a new statement stuffer from CUNA.

"Create a College Budget" (stock number 28078) provides a detailed list of potential monthly expenses and income to help college students create an appropriate annual budget. The stuffer also offers important advice ? like avoiding the credit card tables on campus and going to their credit unions for money management advice.

Additionally, two financial literacy pieces were recently created to remind members to go to their credit union for help before they are over their heads in debt. The "When Times are Tough We Can Help" lobby brochure (stock number 28294) offers ways to cut expenses with adjustable rate mortgages, high interest credit cards, and more. It provides frequent reminders that credit unions are the place to go for consumer-friendly deals. The "We're Here for You" drive-up envelope (stock number 28295-PRO) also reminds members to see their credit unions for financial help in tough economic times - and the sooner the better.

New information and artwork along with up-to-date tables and statistics are featured in the revised "Your Budget Blueprint" handbook (stock number 25150). Members can learn to plan and budget for the future, and how and where to save money. The handbook is part of the seven-booklet "Fundamentals of Personal Finance" series designed to educate members about common financial topics.

Other recently updated consumer pieces from CUNA include:

  • "Budget Blueprint: Design Your Own Spending Plan" statement stuffer (stock number 20057) contains advice and an extended budgeting table to help members design and track a budget and create related financial goals.
  • "10 Questions to Ask a Mortgage Lender" statement stuffer (stock number 23174) helps members gather the information they need to know prior to filling out a mortgage application, from various fees and costs to loan and lender specifics.
  • "Mortgage Refinancing: You Could Save a Bundle" statement stuffer (stock number 20304) spells out the basic costs, market considerations, and types of loans available to help members decide whether or not to refinance.
  • "Refinance Your Vehicle Loan and Save" drive-up envelope (stock number 25115) points out to members that refinancing a vehicle loan at their credit union could substantially reduce monthly payments, and suggests that they call their credit union for information.

For more information or to purchase online, go to and enter the stock number in the product finder search engine. To order by phone, call (800) 356-8010, press 3, and use the stock number as a reference.


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