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Madison, Wis. - This year's 55 CUNA Management School graduates presented $21,246.00 to the CMS Scholarship Fund during their July 23rd graduation ceremony.

Each July, the University of Wisconsin and the city of Madison become home to credit union professionals who are investing in their careers and credit unions by attending the credit union movement's longest-running high-level educational program.

Of 155 students attending this year, 41 were first-year students, 59 were second year students, and 55 were third year students. This year's students were from 28 states.

15 students graduated with honors and nine graduated with high honors. Two students graduated with highest honors.

Graduated with highest honors:

  • Kristina Grebener, Credit Union National Association, Wis.
  • Kathleen O'Brien, Casco Federal CU, Maine

Graduated with high honors:

  • Marlene Curtis, Munising Community CU, Mich.
  • Laura Eblen, Central Missouri Community CU, Mo.
  • Jay Gostonczik, General Mills FCU, Minn.
  • Chris Kleckner, Cornerstone CU, Ill.
  • Michelle Merkley, Keystone FCU, Pa.
  • Tracy Molander, Linn Area CU, Iowa
  • Daniel Rajsic, First Trust FCU, Ind.
  • Brett Rinker, Industrial Centre FCU, Ind.
  • Craig Sanders, America First FCU, Utah

Graduated with honors:

  • Matthew Beaulieu, Holy Rosary Regional CU, N.H.
  • Scott Byron, Dow Chemical ECU, Mich.
  • Julie Cash, Associated Healthcare CU, Minn.
  • Suanne Debski, UP Catholic CU, Mich.
  • Dawn Dunkelberger, North Memorial FCU, Minn.
  • Michele Goebel, Dale ECU, Neb.
  • William Jarvis, Valley Communities CU, Wis.
  • Carol Judd, Tinker FCU, Okla.
  • Jewell Konieczny, Bangor FCU, Maine
  • Adam McGowan, Jax FCU, Jacksonville, Fla.
  • Angela Muxworthy, New Mexico Educators FCU, N.M.
  • Patricia Puckett, Rapid City Telco FCU, S.D.
  • Beth Putnam, CFCU Community CU, N.Y.
  • James Sole, Jax FCU, Fla.
  • David Thone, Fox Communities CU, Wis.
  • April Lynn Watts, Market USA FCU, Md.


  • Matthew Barbell, Dannemora FCU, N.Y.
  • Kimberly Blair, FM Financial CU, Mich.
  • Mark Bohdanyk, Table Rock FCU, Mo.
  • Peggy Brech, Trades and Labor FCU, Minn.
  • Cristian Calle, OAS Staff FCU, D.C.
  • Sandra Coffing, CES CU, Ohio
  • Mary M. Douma, Eaton County Educational CU, Mich.
  • Sherry Etringer, Veridian CU, Iowa
  • Rex Gaustad, Daniels - Sheridan FCU, Mont.
  • Robin Goodman, Missoula FCU, Mont.
  • Kimberly Hall, Tri-Cities CU, Mich.
  • Gail Hernalsteen, Motor City Co-Op CU, Mich.
  • Lynne Kline, City of Painesville ECU, Ohio
  • Jenifer Knutson, Glendive BN FCU, Mont.
  • Susan Malo, Great Lakes CU, Ill.
  • Hilary Nelson, Detour Drummond Community CU, Mich.
  • Jennifer Papiez, Community Choice CU, Mich.
  • Mary Pittenger, Cornerstone Community Financial FCU, Mich.
  • Wendy Popkin, Blackhawk Area CU, Ill.
  • Crystal Riffle, Promedica FCU, Ohio
  • Neil Rinehart, Burgess and Niple ECU, Ohio
  • Dena Rock, Dannemora FCU, N.Y.
  • Elsa Simo, Bethex FCU, N.Y.
  • Randy Swigart, University of Michigan CU, Mich.
  • Jeanna Thompson, Sidney FCU, N.Y.
  • Dawn Van Ash, OAHE FCU, S.D.
  • Mary Jo Worth, Metropolitan L FCU, Ill.
  • Kenneth Zukowski, Motor City Co-Op CU, Mich.

This year's Al Jordan Leadership Award went to Mark Bohdanyk of Table Rock FCU in Shell Knob, Missouri. Each year, the senior class nominates one student who best represents high moral character, leadership, credit union dedication and academic achievement to receive this award. It honors Al Jordan, a member of the credit union movement since 1938 and valedictorian of the 1954 inaugural class of CUNA Management School. Mr. Jordan served in many leadership positions, including Iowa Credit Union League President from 1954 to 1981. He passed away on April 18th of this year at the age of 101.

Also honored was Mr. Phil Hellmuth, Associate Dean Emeritus, College of Letters and Sciences, UW-Madison. Phil, Mr. Hellmuth, has been an integral part of the school, serving as a seminar work group leader since 1979 and not long there after taking on the role of project evaluator. During the July 23rd ceremony, he was presented an Achievement of Excellence Award recognizing his service and leadership to CUNA Management School.

The third-year graduating class presented $21,246.00 to the CMS Scholarship Fund during their July 23rd graduation ceremony. The scholarship money presented by the class was raised during the three-year professional development program. The scholarship fund is earmarked to help smaller credit unions and individuals without available financial resources to become future CUNA Management School attendees.

CUNA Management School - Madison consists of a three-year course of study. Students receive advanced academic training with practical, real-world applications designed specifically for credit union management personnel who aspire to achieve senior-level management and leadership positions in the credit union system. About 4,500 men and women have graduated from the program since its inception in 1954. A graduation diploma is issued in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Business and is recognized throughout the credit union movement as an honor and mark of accomplishment.

Other CUNA Management Schools include Western CUNA Management School, Claremont, Calif; Southwest CUNA Management School, Ft. Worth, Texas; and Southeast CUNA Management School, Athens, Ga.

For more information on the 2010 CUNA Management School in Madison, Wis., call (800) 356-9655, ext. 4249.

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