CUNA Releases New Supervisory Committee Training in Video Format

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MADISON, Wis. (08/02/2013) – The new CUNA Supervisory Committee Fundamentals video is now available for purchase. The video, a valuable resource for credit union supervisory committee members, is available by yearly subscription and fulfills credits in the Supervisory track of CUNA Volunteer Certification Program.

The CUNA Supervisory Committee Fundamentals video, led by industry expert Tim Harrington, explores the duties and responsibilities of a supervisory committee member and delivers insights on the committee's role in today's credit union environment. "It's a rare opportunity for CUNA to be able to offer direct live-action training from an expert like Tim that can be accessed at any time," said Kevin Smith, CUNA Director of Learning Events. "As credit unions begin to blend learning across more channels and formats, resources like this video will be the key to making training stick."

In his video presentation, Harrington covers the responsibilities of a supervisory committee, performing the supervisory committee's job and being an effective supervisory committee member.

This video delves into the specifics of:

  • Committee Duties and Powers
  • Monitoring the Board of Directors and Other Officials
  • Auditing Responsibilities
  • Working with Examiners and Regulators
  • Monitoring and Understanding the Credit Unions Financial Condition
  • Recruiting and Evaluating Committee Members

Learn more and access the CUNA Supervisory Committee Fundamentals Video.

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