GreenPath Contribution Sponsors New Incentives for National Youth Saving Challenge

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GreenPath Contribution Sponsors New Incentives for National Youth Saving Challenge 



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Madison, Wis. (February 10, 2014) - This year's National Youth Saving Challenge™  offers new incentives for youth to save the month of April. The prizes for youth and credit unions are made possible by a sponsorship from GreenPath Debt Solutions , a nationwide, non-profit, credit counseling organization. In conjunction with National Credit Union Youth Week ™, the National Youth Saving Challenge helps build long-lasting financial savvy and strong relationships between youth and their credit unions.

"Every day, we see adults struggling with debts and money management issues that could have been prevented by a spark of financial education at an early age," said Jane McNamara, President & CEO of GreenPath. "By helping credit unions reach a younger audience, we believe that we are not only setting each individual person up for a financially savvy life, but contributing to the prosperity of the nation's future."

GreenPath's contributions to the Saving Challenge include:

  • Prizes for youth - increasing the number of $100 cash prizes from 10 to 25 given to participating youth in 2014.
    • Additional prizes for participating credit unions supporting this initiative.

    "As part of the 2013 National Youth Saving Challenge, more than 117,000 young members deposited $25.2 million into their savings accounts-with 6,173 of those being new accounts.  With the sponsorship from Greenpath, we're aiming to attract even more young savers," said CUNA's Youth Week coordinator, Janet Garkey."

    For more information about the National Youth Savings Challenge, available prizes for participating credit unions and how to get involved, visit .

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    About GreenPath Debt Solutions:

    GreenPath Debt Solutions  is a nationwide, non-profit financial organization that assists consumers with credit card debt, housing questions and bankruptcy concerns. Their financial counseling works to build individual member fiscal responsibility and improve bottom line results.

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